Flirting After Marriage

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flirting after marraige

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People flirt to attract opposite sex in which they find their potential mate; it involves body language and gambling. Gambling because you don’t know when you will hit the jackpot and find your partner. It is a way to find if the opposite sex is interested in you or not, eventually leading to relation, commitment or marriage, perhaps? But once you are married, are you supposed to stop flirting? The range of flirting in your married life depends on the amount of responsibilities on your head. This range is usually very tiny as your partner and you have heaps of things going in your mind to do after marriage, like adjusting into the new house, taking care of the budget etc. And if you have children then life becomes even a bigger roller-coaster ride as taking care of the little ones becomes a priority for both of you and marriage takes a toll. And to add fire and verve to the married life, couples often indulge in flirting. Don’t get all too excited because we are talking about flirting between man and his wife. How to keep your married life electrifying and marriage rocking? Have a read!

Flirting After Marriage

Staying Fit Make a rule that you can have a paunch only when you are pregnant. This will help you in maintaining your figure/physique. Hit the gym or exercise at your home. As a couple, you have support of each other, so sweat it out together. Try to encourage each other whenever you see the other one is slipping.

Hot Wardrobe Now is the time to showcase your fit body in front of your husband—pamper yourself with hot and sexy outfits. He will be mesmerized by such a change in you and will be attracted to you even more. And for you guys, you can try those body hugging shirts, and T-shirts that you have been hiding in your closets for years. This will also give a boost to your confidence.

Naughty It is your partner, so, you can talk innuendos. Neither your wife nor your husband is a mind-reader so give him/her a glimpse of what you are feeling and where is your mind. Give him/her a rub on the hand or more than a peck on the lips. See how your wife or husband goes whirly the whole day. It will keep him/her waiting for you all the day. Wives, can also write a flirty note, put their lips mark on it and stick on their husband’s laptop. As soon as he opens up the laptop in the office, he will be waiting to come back home.

Snuggle Women always love warmth and appreciate snuggle. Whenever you see your wife alone or stressed out, give her a teddy-bear hug. Women love being caressed, so in the morning, give her a cuddle and before sleeping too. You will see her going gaga over you.

Compliments And Praises Try to imagine your life without your partner. Can you imagine? It will become very difficult for you to live. Hence, praise each other’s efforts and appreciate even the littlest of things. This will make them feel special and let them know how much you mean to them. Husbands feel masculine when they are praised by their wives in front of everyone and just complimenting your wife in front of everyone can make her blush.

Dating—You Are Not Done Yet Call up your spouse and ask him/her to meet you at a bar or a hotel. You can even do a role-play. Pretend that you do not know each other or it is your first date. Try to talk to him/her like you have just found him/her in the bar all alone and want to give him/her company.

Humour Sense of humour is something that everyone appreciates. Everyone loves a good laugh; so, try to talk humorous with your better half. Sharing a laugh will make your partner feel that he/she can still bring a smile on your lips which will also build-up their confidence. You can even share a dirty joke with your partner just before going to bed to turn them on.

Gifts Everyone loves gifts. Present your husband with something naughty that will remind him of you and your love life together. Husbands can gift a book about love and flirting, or a lingerie to his wife, or any other gift to rekindle the passion.

Respect the sanctity of your marriage and carry on flirting after marriage to reignite the zest back in your married life.

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