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why is love important

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“If you have it, you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't much matter what else you have.”

Love is the foremost feeling that rules the world. It takes various forms and serves various purposes. Love is one of the most magnanimous emotions and the reason for many other emotions that breeds from it. What differentiates love from everything else is that it is experienced by all living beings on Planet Earth. Right from plants to animals, to human beings, love is experienced by one and all. Every relationship that exists in the world has love in its ubiquitous form. In times of hardship and adversity, love prevails and helps a person come over it with poise and grace. Love has taken various forms in the life of a person—a tender touch by a mother, a helping hand by a father, a passionate kiss by a soul mate, an affectionate touch by a brother/sister and a compassionate support from a friend. This enigmatic emotion has the potential of changing lives completely. Thus, it can be rightly concluded that love is the most important ingredient of life. Without it, life is empty and with it, life vibrates with meaning and warmth. The following write-up elucidates the importance of love and its existence in the life and world.

Importance of Love

Generations After Generations If it were not for love, you would not have been in the world, forget about reading this article alone. For love is it that keeps the species going, generations after generations. If your grand parents were not in love, your parents would not be in the world and if your parents were not in love, you would not have been in this world. The circle of life and death has continued since ages which explain the generations after generations that have continued to live in this world. Agreed, babies can be conceived without love as well. It is sex that produces a baby, but sex does not nurture it. Love helps nurture a baby and guarantees its well-being and survival.

Well-being of Humans Studies have even proved it – if it were not for love, people would have been sick not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Children deprived of love tend to be depressed and develop cognitive, physiological and emotional impairment such as thinking difficulties, banging sensation in the head and demoralized sense of self. A great number of diseases and ailments are directly proportional to lack of love in a person’s life. When a person is stressed out, there is a certain change in the hormones in blood which weaken the immune system. Early age heart attacks and other debilitating illness are medical situations that arise due to lack of love.

To Love and Be Loved Why do you think people exist in the world? To love someone and be loved by someone is one of the most essential ingredients for human survival. Human survival is based on love and love alone, for nothing is supreme in the world than the feeling of love and affection. We are born out of love and throughout our life, maintain relationships of love, with parents, siblings, friends, elders, spouse, children and so on. And it is through these relationships, that we sustain a living. All through our life we work our way to love others and be loved by others.

Makes Life Worth Living If it were not for love, there wouldn’t have been self-esteem and no sense of self worth would mean no life at all. In day-to-day living, it is love that enhances the daily living and makes life pleasurable and beautiful. People who have never experienced love in their life are often seen to hold aggressive, hostile and emotional nature than those who have. Also, when love is there, a person can face any appalling situation (financially or emotionally or physiologically) and come out of it effectively. Mostly it is seen that when a person has the loving support of someone or his family, he/she can withstand any hazardous situation and emerge out as a winner.

Helps in Connecting With the Supreme Power If the world had been ruled by ‘haters’, and love weren’t in existence, then would it be possible for humans to have found eternal peace and enlightenment? Not at all, for love is the only emotion that helps in connecting with the Supreme Power! It is the love that the Almighty has for His children and we, as children have for the Almighty that has helped in the survival of mankind. Also, it is through the virtue of this emotion that we have been bestowed over with mercy and grace by the omnipotent and omnipresent Divinity.

Peace & Prosperity Imagine a world without love? Well, first of all, there would be no world at all, for war and violence would have taken care of that and if, at all, there would be something left, it would also be preparing itself for the nth World War. Love helps maintain peace and prosperity and thus, ensures living. It attaches people with the peaceful sentiment and gets rid of negative emotions like violence, aggression, brutality and hostility. It is only when people are not surrounded by love in their life that they turn hostile.

Life Without Love Life without love is next to mere existence, for love it is what makes life worth living. Love acts as a grease and allows the wheel of life to continue turning.  When we are struck by love, we look at people beyond ourselves and things beyond our needs and concerns. The greatest example of this is Mother Teresa who led her life loving others and attaining love from others. She worked for the betterment of society and children and gave her life for her mission. If there weren’t love, there wouldn’t have been the emotion of care, concern, affection, warmth, devotion and so on in life.

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