How To Woo A Guy

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How to woo a guy

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George Eliot rightly said, “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.” Doesn’t it hold true for every one of us? All of us want that some one special who can embrace us, make a notice of our presence, and love us for what we are. Some times stars are in your favour and many a times you need to make efforts to get his admiration and attention. You not only have to chase him but also blow your trumpet before him. It includes reflecting a difference between you and other girls around him. Moreover, you have to be courageous to express your genuine feelings before it’s too late. Following sub-section will help you in the journey of making your love life a success. Have a look.   

Wooing A Guy

Be Confident Confidence is the key to unlock the door of your some one special. Men get impressed by the flow of energy driven by self-reliance. So, if you are dominated by masculine force of self-dependence and have the ability to stand firmly in the presence of all odds, then these personality traits of yours would impress your guy. Never hesitate to have a say in making decisions. It will reflect your persona and firm determination. Making eye contact is also important to exhibit your confidence.

Smile Ask a question to yourself. Who would you prefer for a date, a guy who hardly smiles and remains serious as if the entire world is against him or the one who loves to live and make everyone around him happy with his talks and actions? Obviously, your first preference would be the latter one. Similarly, boys also like those girls who have an essence of cuteness, are fun-loving, and don’t bore people with their never-ending complaints. So, smile! It really works. It shows your love towards your own life and as you proceed you make every one around you happy. It is time to quote Mother Teresa here who once said, ‘Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.’

Befriend Him Do you really know the guy or it’s just his appearance that made an impression on you? Befriend him. Know him and his activities. Take some time to judge whether the two of you actually share any compatibility or not. Once you will become his good friend, things would be easy for you. Probably he will fall in love with you after becoming your friend and propose you some day. Isn’t that great?

Find Ways To Connect With Him Technology has gifted you with various ways to get in touch with each other. Join social networking sites, such as, twitter, and facebook where he visits regularly and know more about him while chatting or browsing through his profile. Appreciate his thoughts inscribed on these sites and it would be easy for you to communicate with him. These tools can be very useful for you if you are a shy girl and afraid of his rejection. Start with just as an acquaintance and eventually (or probably) becoming his girl friend.   

Be Yourself Never compromise with your originality! Being someone else before him might impress him in first instance, but in the long run it would be harmful for the relation and for you. Definitely you would not like to lay the foundation of your relation with the support of falsehood. So, reflect your original self. If he is in your destiny nothing can put a stop to the relationship but if not, you have to be ready to accept whatever life has in store for you.

Be Presentable As Ovid states, ‘If you want to be loved, be lovable.’ Always remember that it is you who can transform the repelling magnets to attracting ones. It’s not about branded outfits, expensive accessories, and matching handbag, but dressing up adequately in line with decency. Make sure that you are not repeating a single dress every time you meet him, your hair are settled properly and your ears are clean (they notice it. Really!). Above all, present the best of you.

Find Mutual Interests Do you like when someone talks non-stop about things beyond your interest? How often would you like to hang out with such people? Your answer could be a strict NO-NO. The same rule goes true with men also. While discussing things with him, find things of common interest to both of you. He will notice it and will respect you for considering his preferences. Make sensible statements while delivering your opinion. Always remember, intellectual girls are the best turn on for men.

To sum up, being loved by your love is the best feeling for a girl. If a guy clicked you then try these tips to transform him from just a partner to life partner.

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