Seducing Techniques For Her

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Seducing Techniques For Her

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Killing with eye-piercing looks and other such things work and take effect when executed properly. However, this doesn’t mean that this is enough, but means that it needs sharpening after some time. Too keep the fire in your relationship alive you need to know about the techniques which will make this possible. This is a game which a few are aware of and even fewer bother to play. As not all know that this is an essential part of a love relationship and cannot not be kept unnoticed. Nothing is a foul play when it comes to seducing your man. In the busy schedules in modern life, it is no big thing that a man gets distracted towards other responsibilities of life and hence it is up to the woman to keep him on track. Yes, it is understood that you are shy and have your inhibitions but things will go haywire if you won’t initiate at the right time. Here’s what you need to do.

Seduction Through All Senses Seduction doesn’t really mean crossing all inhibitions and revealing yourself to your partner at once. It means slowly giving yourself away to him. Sensuality is just not visual, it also needs, audio and feeling of touch. All these senses work simultaneously. So, whenever you are trying to lure your man into bed, don’t only appeal to his eyes, instead make it a complete experience for him. Use the sensual pressure points according to your need to make it an out-worldly experience for both of you.

Power Seduction If you are bold enough then this kind of seduction will work great for you. In this type of seduction you have to take control, giving your man a pillion seat during the performance. This needs a lot of power and passion and is almost trance like. It needs you to take charge and by any means you need to take your partner away from the things he is doing.

Trick or Tease This is a way which is great fun and works almost every time. When using this technique you need to make sure that you don’t fulfil your partner’s expectations. Start with small pecks on his neck and other seductive points and when he is aroused by your efforts, retreat. For e.g. don’t give him a complete kiss just tease and seduce him, nibble his ears so that he is fully distracted and continue such efforts till he himself becomes restless and desperate.

Dress For The Occasion You should know that visual senses are the one which are most appealing. Hence, dress to kill when trying to seduce your man. Adorn yourself with a night dress with a slit or some other type of frilled lingerie. But keep in mind that just showing skin won’t help your need to reveal and conceal. If you really think it is necessary then do the slow reveal. Your dress should leave a little on your man’s imagination. Make-up is optional; it totally depends upon your man’s taste, if he likes it, wear it, else don’t.

Wear An Aphrodisiac As discussed earlier, all senses of your man should be entertained; hence, the sense of smell is no exception. Wear the perfume which you think that your man will admire. Smell almost like an aphrodisiac plant if you really want to own the game. This will substantially increase your chances to seduce your partner. Use aromatic candles and aromatic oils. Create a whole atmosphere of passionate love.

Elegance Elegance is the key to success in this game. So make all kind of subtle moves but don’t forget to maintain certain elegance in whatever you do. You can be a sensuous seductress but that doesn’t mean you have to lose the poise which you have. In fact, the poise in a woman is what most men find attractive. Along with seducing your man, also play hard to get, else the game is no fun.

Gestures And Body Language When having a conversation with him, make subtle suggestive gestures which reveal your intentions and are inviting. Play with your hair, lean against the wall, caress your lips and give him subtle hints so that he understands them. But keep in mind not to try too hard as it will look inappropriate and desperate on your part.

Put Your Dancing Foot Forward Dancing is probably the most sensuous exercise and it gives a great warm up before the actual game. So put on the best dancing number you can think of and both of you can relate to. Then start with a dance, solo first, and make it seductive and inviting enough so that your partner joins in. Then end it up with some fast paced steps and then slow dancing which will include lot of pecking and occasional touching.

You can always think of some other techniques which you think will seduce your partner, depending on your experience, as after all, you know your partner as nobody else does.

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