How To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting

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how to tell if a guy is flirting

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Most of the girls live in fairy world far from the real world. They fall in love very easily. A gentle behaviour of a guy impresses most of the girls and they ride the horse of their assumption believing that he is madly in love with them. A girl spends days and nights thinking about the time spent and things discussed with her dream boy (she starts considering him as her dream boy). These thoughts become her breathing needs. One day she holds full assurance of him being hers. But the world of her dreams collapses when she comes to know that it’s a part of his nature and that there is nothing so serious on his part. On the other hand, there are guys who keep on sending signals to their someone special and girls unable to receive those signals consider them as ‘just friend’. Both the situations are worse for the peace of one’s state of mind. Now, the light is on you. Are you reading this article because you have also experienced dilemmatic situations while meeting him? Well, if your answer is yes, the article is designed for you. Keep an eye over the next part of the article and explore whether he’s really flirting with you or is it just a matter of your perception.

Signs That A Guy Is Flirting

Trying To Seek Your Attention Probably no man would like to make efforts to grab the attention of those whom he does not like. If he is trying his level best to get your attention, be sure there is a soft corner for you in his heart. But do cross check the kind of soft corner he has for you. It is possible that he considers you just a good friend of his or respects you for your achievements and/or values you follow in your life. So, make sure that you are not running in hurry to make a decision. Use your due diligence in observing his stance whether it’s natural or specifically for you.

Making An Extra Effort Is the guy sounding different? Do you feel that he is making an extra effort in everything he does in order to make an impact on you? If the answer is yes then he is flirting with you surely and looking for a bright future with you. If you also feel the same way, do not wait for the supernatural powers to descend on earth and convey your feelings. Respond him positively with a smile on your face. But if not, it’s better to clear your intention beforehand to avoid any future consequence.

Complimenting Unusually Mind it! Men usually believe in the beauty of unexpressed applauds. You will rarely find men complimenting opposite sex on their clothes, trendy shoes, or latest hair cut. But when they look for a potential mate or are in the mood of flirting, they make such remarks. When you notice him complimenting on your outfits or lip colour next time, smile and respond to him because you know the reason well. 

Getting Personal Another important aspect to decide whether it’s normal behaviour or flirting is to observe the areas he discusses. If it’s a general discussion about the country, inflation, weather, and the like then he is emotionally distant from you. But when you notice him taking extra care of you, inquiring about your personal life and your taste and preferences, be sure that it’s more than friendship on his part.

Teasing You Does he tease you for small things? Has he continuously strived to seek opportunities to make you laugh by pulling your leg for one or the other reason? You are the reason behind his smile, believe it. One thing worth noticing here is to observe his nature with other people also. You may find that it’s quite a part of his nature with which he entertains every one.

Touching You ‘By Chance’ If he touches your arm while cracking a joke or complimenting you, of course accidentally then he is flirting. But before coming to any conclusion, observe him; whether his behaviour is same with the other girls too or is it only you who is given the extra privilege. Many guys have a habit of touching and patting at the other person. So it is good to know the kind of person sitting next to you before jumping over any instant conclusion.

Maintaining Eye Contact Eye contact is usually taken as the sign of confidence and well developed personality. But, its interpretation is not up to the mark always. Intertwined with other activities mentioned above, mere eye contact is also a strong sign of flirting.

To sum up, flirting is an art and identifying the right signals is a tougher art. Do not be in hassle; it will only bring you down. Make cautious observations and you will get to know who is really flirting with you. Keep in mind not all people have same way of flirting. Therefore, be ready to identify diverse signals offered by various flirts.

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