How To Tell If A Girl Is Flirting With You

Flirting Tips
how to tell if a girl is flirting with you

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So, you have been charmed by an eye candy and you also feel that she has a soft corner for you. But, the problem is that you are not sure if she is actually making advances towards you or is it just your imagination playing with your head. Well it can be either of the two things, but if you are able to identify the correct markers you will surely be able to tell if she is really flirting or not. But it isn’t always easy to decipher those complex signals; one needs to be an avid observer to spot these. Though, she will shower you with a lot of attention, if she is really interested in you. So we are suggesting you a number of pointers which will help you interpret the indications coming your way.

Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You

    • Her smile, which has flattered you a number of times, will reveal her feelings for you. She will incessantly smile at you and will shower you with giggles. This is your cue to make a move.
    • If she walks past the bar and asks a silly question or compliments you then this means that she is trying to initiate a conversation with you. She is definitely into you and wants to grab your attention.
    • A uniquely significant way to know if the girl is interested in you is to notice the position of her toes. If while sitting her toes are pointing towards you, this means that her attention is towards you.
    • Notice her pace when she talks to you. If she speaks abnormally fast or slow and keeps forgetting things while speaking then it means that she is nervous while speaking to you.
    • She laughs at your stupidest jokes and awes at your vaguest gestures then she is definitely flirting with you. She may do this whenever you cough, trip, or say something cute.
    • If you are chatting with her online and she answers you with something cute or witty, which takes her five minutes to type a three lined message, it’s a sign that she is interested in you. It indicates that she doesn’t want to say anything inappropriate to you and has give thought to each and every word before replying.
    • If she tries to grab your attention by fiddling with her hairs or running fingers on her lips etc (every girl knows how to act when she needs to attract attention), then she is interested in you.
    • She tells you how she is time and again wooed by other guys who think her to be pretty and hot. She mentions it to tell you that you need not remain in the friends’ zone and she wants something more than that from you.
    • If you have come to a social gathering and the lady introduces you to a female friend then definitely the person is impressed with you and is flirting or wants to flirt with you.
    • She will brush shoulders, make awkward eye contacts, will pass sly smiles, and will do a lot of other things which she thinks might grab your attention.
    • She will stare at you unintentionally and if you catch her doing it, smile at her. This will be a positive signal for her and she will gather courage to talk to you.
    • She can also try to ignore you or try not to look at you, as she doesn’t want to look stupid by staring at you and she doesn’t want you to know that she has a liking for you.
    • She will present a number of excuses to talk to you, some of which you will easily be able to see through. She will feign a number of things to get an opportunity to talk to you.
    • Another obvious marker of her flirtatious nature is that she will first attract your attention towards her and then will isolate herself from the group of her friends; reinforcing the fact that she is approachable.
    • She will mimic your body movements. This is a psychological phenomenon that whenever someone wants to gain trust or attention, he/she starts acting like a mirror. Like, if you’ll put your elbows on the table so will she, if you’ll order a drink so will she, just to grab your attention.

So, if you are getting the same signs as above from the girl then definitely she is trying to flirt with you. And if you are also interested then move ahead with the proposal.

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