What To Ask A Girl

What To Ask A Girl

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You are about to leave home for a date and now it has dawned on you that you don’t know the type of questions that one should ask on a date. Googling the questions won’t help you here. You need a set of questions which you can ask from the girl you are about to meet. Don’t panic as we are here to help you and will make sure that you walk out confidently after a meeting with your girl. First of all, you can applaud yourself, as you at least bothered to ask questions. Second, you need to make sure the reason of asking questions, as your questions will be based on the reasons of meeting this girl. Thus, plan a little and do improvise while in a conversation. You will surely need to add some more questions while conversing with her. Just be confident and be yourself, no cheesy one-liners for god’s sake. Below you will find some questions to ask along with reasons.

Questions To Ask A Girl

Who are your closest friends? This is a light question and hence is considered as a great conversation starter. If you will ask a loaded question, that too at the beginning of a conversation, there are possibilities that the girl won’t even get out of her protective shell. She will straight away get up for her defence. Also, this question reveals a little about her nature because if a girl has a number of school friends in her circle then it indicates that she is quite loyal and treasures relationships.

How many siblings do you have? By asking this question you are certainly delving into his family and personal life. You might come to know about her family, whether it is supportive or not. You may also learn whether her family runs smooth or is it a broken one. She might end up telling you about her cousins, siblings, and even grandparents. She may also avoid the question which certainly means that she didn’t have a fairy tale childhood.

Which was the best vacation you ever had? This question is a sort of stress buster if you feel nervousness in the air. This question will surely cut the tension in the air because the time one spends on a vacation is the time one cherishes. Also from this question you may come to know about her favourite destination or what kind of destinations she usually visits.

What is your favourite colour? This is probably one of the questions which you used to ask when you were in kindergarten, but as you grew up this question got replaced by a number of other questions. This question will surely bring a smirk on the girl’s face. Also, colour will help you know the kind of person she. There are psychological theories which tell about the personality of a person on the basis of his/her favourite colour. Also, you don’t have to think of the colour to pick while shopping for her.

Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person? This question will let you know about the type of person she is socially. And hence you will come to know whether your date likes painting inside the home or she likes walking by the beach or whether she is a part of a motorcycle group. Moreover, the answer to this question will put you on ease while choosing your Valentine’s Day destination. It could simply be a candle light dinner for the artist, a beachside vacation for nature lovers, and cross country ride for biker girl.

What are your ambitions (Career)? This is a heavy question and should be asked at an appropriate time. With this question your queries, like how much established she is, professionally and what are her plans will be resolved. Moreover, you will be able to judge her priorities for family and work. If you are thinking of having a long term relationship with the girl then this question is quintessential. You ought to know her all-round personality before taking any big decision.

What do you like the most living in present times? This is quite a fun question and might get you some weird replies too. This way you will get to know about what kind of person she is: does she like the old fashioned and classic settings or is she a neo-modern chick? Also, it is really easy to come out with complaints about the present times but to come up with something you like about the current times will take time.

What is your happiest memory from the past? This question will bring on a number of memories in her mind and she will list a number of things which have been a part of her cheerful past. Also, you will come to know about the things that pleased her; such as, a childhood picnic, an award she was presented with, time she spent in the school, etc.

You can always innovate and improvise and come up with a number of other questions which will help you know her better. Also, this will help you start a healthy conversation with her.

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