How To Forget A Guy

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how to forget a guy

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First things first, there aren’t any Grandma’s secrets that would help you forget a guy with a concoction and an herb mix. You have to do it yourself. And it all begins with coming out of the denial stage and accepting the situation. If your guy has dumped you for someone else, or if he has simply ended the relationship to suit his whims and fancies, you need to first behave sensibly and rationally. Don’t keep on calling him and lowering your self-esteem and dignity for a person who is not worth it! For if he were, he wouldn’t have left you in the middle of a no man’s land with you shrieking and yelping for him. Get your nerves back together and reflect—if he was what you thought him to be, would he have left you in the first place? And now that he is gone from your life, why are you wasting your time thinking of him day and night? Forget him and move on, for that is the way life should be lead. And to help you in the same, we have provided below some ways and ideas.

Turn Off The Water Works You love him a lot, agreed - he was the world for you, agreed - you are completely at loss after the breakup, agreed - you can’t just seem to control those tears of yours, DISAGREE. Before we write anything else, one simple question, will your tears bring him back in your life? No, isn’t it, then why waste them? Turn off the water works, wipe your face and think straight. If you were his life too (like he was yours), no matter what, he would not have broken-up with you in the first place. In fact, from this turbulent phase, vow not to make someone your life when you are nothing but a choice in his!  

Dump, Dump, Dump! Now that you have got a grip of yourself and switched off the water works, it is time to let go off every minute thing that you have of his, right from the gifts that he gave you to the love notes that he wrote for you, his photos, cards, music DVDs, and so on and so forth. Throw everything that is associated with him in your dump yard. Clear your computer of all the emails, e-cards, and photos that you have of him. Don’t just delete them. You’ll have them in your recycle bin. Press shift delete so that they are out of your system, once and for all.

Polish Your Skills How long has it been since you last read a novel? When did you last wear your dancing shoes? Do you remember when did you last perform on a karaoke night? Often, people tend to give up their hobbies and things that interest them while being in a relationship and come back to them only when they are given up for someone else by their significant other. Now that you are a free bird, get back on your hobbies that you haven’t paid attention to for some time. Not only would this give you happiness, but it would also assist you in forgetting him.  And who knows, you can make a career out of your hobby! Way to go girl!

Take Up An Activity You wiled away your time in the past but at least, wake up and understand the value of it now. Instead of succumbing to the misery that the break-up brought with it, brush it off your shoulder and start doing something worthwhile. Take up an activity that you long desired to learn, whether it is painting, sketching or even learning a musical instrument. Learning a new thing fills a person with excitement and pleasure. Also, it gives the person confidence and raises his/her self-esteem and pride. The more occupied you’ll be, the lesser you’ll think about him.

Shop Until You Drop! Studies have even proved it—shopping uplifts the mood of a woman like nothing else! So, what are you waiting for? Slip into your casual clothes, put on your comfortable shoes, get hold of your greens and head straight to the mall! Buy everything that you wanted to buy but could not. Splurge your savings buying essential as well as discretionary items. Don’t think twice while picking things that he restricted you from buying, miniskirts, tight fitted blouses, high heeled stilettos and so on. Break-up benefit, you can buy anything that you want, without wondering about someone else!

Get Back To Your Goals! Are your scores consistently going down the graph? Is your boss constantly complaining about your low productivity? When in a relationship, we often pay less attention to our goals and get strayed away. If you too have been concentrating less on your career, then it is time to get back on the road. Gear yourself and start concentrating on your studies or work. You need to understand that your career would always be by your side and act as a guiding light, even when you face emotional setbacks. So, make haste and don’t idle your time away!

Get Sturdy Mentally! Now that you are no longer in a relationship with him, make up your mind and strengthen yourself. If the two of you are living in the same town or city, it is quite natural that you’d bump on to him someday or the other. And when this happens, all the love and affection is sure to reappear in your mind and heart. However, don’t go weak in the knees and stop your heart from fluttering every time you pass him. Understand that the relationship is no longer there, even if the love is still, so get strong mentally. Remember, the romantic feelings seem sweet and rosy only when mutual, otherwise they tend to give only pain and discomfort.

Final Say: Remember, you are entitled to every happiness and delight that is there in the world. For the same, you only have to be open to them and treat yourself well.

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