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how to woo a girl

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Girls are the creation of God to be dealt with care and affection. Very responsible yet cool and embraced with the capability to win every adverse situation; they are driven by several instincts. It is not an easy task to befool them with flowery and fairy tales. They are impressed by genuineness and honesty. You have to depict your original self before them. If there is someone special with whom you want to spend rest of your life, do not commit the mistakes people usually do in misunderstanding their viewpoints and perspective. Here we are providing you with some of the best and effective tips on how to woo a girl. Just implement them and have the girl in your life for a lifetime. Check them out.

Be Confident Confidence is the real mantra to get a woman. Rarely a woman would like to get along with a guy who is lost, doubtful and remains cautious every time. So make sure that you are confident enough and that it’s reflected in your personality. If you feel uncertain about your confidence level, pretend to be confident and the real confidence will flow eventually. As Ralph Waldo Emerson articulates, ‘Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.’ Do not forget to make an eye to eye contact with her.

Begin with Intelligence Intellect is a real turn on for a girl. Begin the talk reflecting your intelligence. Try to find out the topics she would love to discuss. These may range from career path to family and relationships to recent news to latest movies. She will be very impressed with your level of intellect if you disseminate a part of your knowledge properly. But, make sure that you do not overdo it as she may consider it an unnecessary show off and would repel. Follow the principle, ‘less is more’.

Create Little Mystery Do not overly reveal yourself. Speak little about your personal life than her. She likes it really! Let her share whatever she wants to share about herself: her childhood days or any recent incidence. Do not be a guy who vomits out everything about his life. Maintain some secrecy during communication especially about your past love life (never ever compare!). Speaking about previous girlfriend is fine once the trust has been built; that too is accepted only once in a while.

Listen to Her One of the foremost concepts taught in the school of etiquette is to listen attentively. You, as a guy are expected to listen and respond accordingly to whatever she talks to, no matter how much disinterested you are in the topic. Try to gradually mould her to other topics. Do not react badly for what she has in her store to share. Who would be able to bear the hurt of that cute girl, do you? If you respect her and give appropriate attention to her talks, her interest would definitely develop for you.

Develop Good Sense of Humour Girls like humour and fun in their life. If you are the one full of good sense of humour, there is a green signal for you to enter into thE girl’s house. Be fun loving and always find reasons to create humour. Whenever you are with her, crack sensible jokes and have plenty of humorous incidences in your bag to entertain her. It does not mean that you have to become a clown entertaining her and not discuss serious issues together. But, lingering on serious matters all the time would neither solve them nor would help you reap the relation.

Be Gentleman Yes, another important and expected aspect of your personality is to reflect generosity, maturity, and gentleness. This includes being courteous and well-mannered. She expects you to open the door for her, pay bills, and be a man with high self-esteem.

Your Outlook Does Matter It’s not only about how you speak or what you wear. She is also going to make an observation of your perspectives towards life. She perceives your inner self by analysing the way you interact with people, answer phone calls, and react to the situations coming your way. A positive and helpful outlook pleases every one, including that some one special who stole your heart unknowingly. So have a good outlook towards yourself and the external world and feel the difference in the level of energy within yourself other than winning a girl’s heart.

At the end, you can understand by the above discussion that it’s not always about the appearance and money to attract a girl. If it’s not easy, it’s not that difficult too. It just requires you to make some small amendments in your lifestyle and attitude which will be beneficial for you in the long run.

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