Conversation Starters With A Guy

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Conversation Starters With A Guy

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When you want to talk to someone you don’t know it almost becomes an obsession for no specific reason. There is a perpetual urge inside you and it almost becomes impossible to stay at your place with the person sitting right in front of you. If by any chance he is a guy with whom you are trying to strike a conversation from past two and a half week then the urge becomes uncontrollable. But, the question still hangs in front of you, how to start? You, at times like these, find yourself totally unable to go and talk to that special one as you have a fear inside you that you will embarrass yourself, missing your only chance to talk to that guy. Well let us tell you that the feeling is quite natural and everyone feels the same, you just need to overcome this feeling. We are providing you with few ideas which you can use.

Ideas On Conversation Starters With A Guy

    • Introductions can really be great starters. Introduce yourself in a witty manner so that you are able to get his attention. Say, “Hi I am Aliena, and you are?” whatever he answers say, “Okay, and in real life?” Try keeping your question open ended so that he has something to add to it. Try not to choose some cheesy pick-up lines; it almost looks desperate on girls.
    • If in a restaurant or a bar ask him, what he’s having for dinner. If he is about to have dinner, probably he will be polite enough to invite you to the dinner too, hence buying you some time with him.
    • If it seems sports is his common interest then wait for the right moment and initiate the conversation with a comment on a sports team or player. He will either agree or disagree and hence will start a conversation.
    • Look for the signs such as a book or the kind of clothes he is wearing or any common topic you can make out and kick away silence with a conversation. Try initiating the topic of common interest which will surely work wonders.
    • If you are jogging across a park and you see the guy walking past you with a dog, then your best bet will be starting a conversation about the dog. Ask what breed is the dog, what tricks he can perform, etc.
    • Compliments are great conversation starter and when we are talking about a guy you want to talk to then he must have something which you can compliment him on. These always work because everyone likes to be complimented.
    • Buy a drink! Yes this might sound quite a different move as it is a guy who offers a drink, but let it be. You just need to get the drink delivered by the waiter and make him know you bought it for him. Then walk to him as he is sipping his drink and start a conversation.
    • Common topics such as movies, some recent sports event, a rock concert, an art exhibition in town, or any other common topic can easily be converted into a conversation starter. Then gradually divert towards the points of interest.
    • Ask if the guy is a local and can he help you find out popular destinations nearby and if you find it working, ask if he can come along as you are new to the locality. This way you will be able to buy much more time.
    • If in a gym you can first compliment the guy for having a nice physique then ask him to do a favour and help you with the exercise regimen. If he says yes, it means that he maybe into you; else it is a no-no signal for you.
    • After you have tried a couple of the above mentioned tricks you can try asking for his phone number; this way you will be able to gauge if you can take this relationship to another level.

Starting a conversation becomes as difficult as you make it. Just use a little common sense and you can come up with even better ideas than these. Also, one idea won’t work for every guy; you always have to improvise.

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