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online dating etiquette

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Internet is infinite space, a vast expanse, yet it is physically invisible to the world. But within itself, it encompasses almost every aspect of the real world: you name it and internet will present you with it, literally. Even the world of dating is not spared. It is now virtual! Say what you may about it but this new age avatar of dating works, big time. But progress brings greater challenges and just as is the case in the real world—moral obligations and etiquettes to stick to—the virtual world too, calls on you to adhere to these etiquettes and maintain some sanity. In fact a greater need persists, now that everything is behind the curtains. Know the truth though: a relationship progresses only when you are able to see eye to eye. And sooner or later, you will have to. It will all be in the shatters if the foundation (communication through emailing) is built on wet lands. To build a strong one, you will need etiquettes by your side, just as you would behave in the non-virtual world. Continue reading through the article to learn about the online email dating etiquettes.

Online Email Dating Etiquette

    • The first thing that you need to remember is to act responsible and protect your own privacy. Right from the start, when you sign up on an online dating site; don’t use your regular email address but create a new one without your name in it. For eg ‘’ and not ‘’.
    • When initiating contact with a person, bear in mind that even though you may already have a little information about the person (as mentioned on the profile), you have to go in as you know nothing. Don’t go about in a cocky way assuming you’re the best of pals. Formally introduce yourself and let the person know how or where you came across the profile. Also, use your non-regular/unrevealing email id, like the one mentioned in the first point.
    • You will not always be the initiator! Sometimes, some people will also be interested in you and will contact you. In a short span you will come to know whether you are interested in that particular person or not. If not, don’t shove him/her off rudely but let the person know gently that you are not interested along with the reasons. However, don’t dive too deep into explanations.
    • Keep in mind that you will probably be meeting that person some day. So don’t try to be someone you are not, and be genuine. Actual impressions, positive or negative, will start to be made when you do meet for the first time. Until then, don’t use email as a medium to create castles in the air. Converse through email as you would normally do with your friend or family.
    • In your first email, apart from introducing yourself, do mention something that you found interesting in that person’s profile and why you chose to contact him/her. Keep it all sincere! Also, put up not more than a paragraph mentioning some of the things that make you special or stand apart.
    • Keep your first email and subsequent ones short and crisp. There’s absolutely no place for over-description: writing thousands of words and going on and on. If not anything, it may end up creating a sense that you are too concerned with justification, in the mind of the reader. Therefore, be direct and to the point. Keep personal stuff aside for face-to-face meeting.
    • The conversations through emails are not only about you; don’t let them play out like interviews. So, don’t just allow the other person to share mind, but inspire him/her to respond in a way that doesn’t border on desperation. As far as you are concerned, just as you expect a prompt reply to your mails, people do too. Do not forget to reply even if you don’t want to communicate. Politely, let him/her know the reason why.
    • If all things go well and you both feel that you are ready to take the next step: give your relationship a chance, then remove yourself from the profile. This will show the person that you are ready to commit and not still lurking for better options or flirting. This will be the ultimate step, as you can’t go on through emails forever.
    • Last but not the least; you have a moral obligation to fulfil. While your profile is still up on the website, it is inevitable that you will often be receiving threatening or harassing mails. Apart from blocking of course, you can help others by reporting the same to the hosting company. If a certain number of reports go in for any particular profile, it will be removed by the company.

Adhere to these online email dating etiquettes and trouble will definitely stay out of your way. Act genuine and be responsible!

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