Dating On A Budget

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Dating On A Budget

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Dating is the most popular activity amongst youngsters. The middle-aged group enjoys dating to a large extent because they have the adequate amount of money to spend lavishly on their dates. No doubt the business world gives them opportunities to earn, which they can spend on leisure activities. But, remember, the coin has two faces. The economy always experiences a downturn at some stage in the form of recession. Recession burns our pockets, salary accounts and even our jobs. The life reaches to a halt and all comforts begin to evaporate gradually. You have to cut down the expenses to a bare minimum saving a large part of it for contingencies. The declining financial status could affect your desire to go on a date. However, a true date doesn’t require money and lavish expenditure to make it a success. Your emotions and respect for your partner also play a major role. Don’t hesitate; make a budget and move ahead with the date. Check out some of the tips to date on a budget.

Tips For Dating On A Budget

Decide Economical Venue Did you invite your partner on a treat? So, call it an experiment and explore the local restaurants instead of luxurious ones. Or, be creative and name the date as “Dating in the era of 1950s”. Visit some heritage sites in your city and enjoy the ambience with the old songs. If that too doesn’t work out, simply decide for an evening walk. Do not show that the plan to go for a walk is derived from recession, but convey that you love to walk and that it’s romantic to walk.

Cook Dinner for Your Partner Another nice way to save your hard earned money from going into the pockets of big restaurant giants is to invite your partner for lunch or dinner. It would be economic as well as romantic to prepare food just for him/her. Your partner would feel blessed and pampered; and would love you even more for it. Believe it!

Say No to Alcohol Probably, you like to consume alcohol while on a date. Change is said to be the only thing constant in life. So, go ahead with a change in your buffet and replace the hard drink with a soft drink. Abstaining from alcohol during a date can be beneficial in two ways: economically and physically. The two of you can enjoy quality time with each other in full senses and no further repercussions.

Be Creative — Create Gifts on Your Own It is the time when you are not in position to think of expensive gifts for your love. Well, it would not make much difference if you go to meet your partner without gift; given that you two enjoy stability and trust in the relation. But obviously a small gift could bring happiness on your partner’s face. And wait a minute, what if you create the gift on your own? Your partner will feel elated and far more special. So, rather than nudging yourself into unnecessary shopping, unleash your creative thoughts and create gifts on your own. It can be a funny poem describing your last fight; a painted T-shirt (or any other cloth) with initials of the two of you together; a collage of your future plans; a greeting card; any painting; a portrait of your partner; or any other thing, which you can create comfortably. These gifts would delight your partner more than those luxurious gifts and would help you remain within the boundaries of set budget.

Make it Short Follow the principle of ‘less is more’. A short and sweet date is a good option over a long date. The reason being: the two of you spend quality time with each other in a short date and strive to make it a memorable one. Short date also keeps annoying topics far from the discussion and both of you enjoy each other’s company for that short span of time.

Going for a date is a practice unaffected by the external factors, like economic progress or recession. It’s an activity which helps you fight against those externalities with your love on your side. Do not make excuses to postpone it, but find reasons to date your love in every situation; even if it’s recession.

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    Online dating sucks. Unless you look like Justin Timberlake and have doalnd trumps wallet and the intelligence. It’s designed for women to have more options than men.