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Types Of Kisses

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According to historian Earnest Crawley, “touch is the mother of senses and kissing is, the universal expression in the social life of the higher civilization of feeling of affection, love (sexual, parental and filial), and veneration.”

There are various ways by which one can express one’s love and warmth towards the other person and kiss is one of them. It expresses the sense of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, and good luck. A kiss has different meanings in different occasions, like at the end of the marriage ceremony, groom and bride kiss each other to show love while in a national meet, the leaders of a nation or different nations kiss to greet each other. But here, we are considering the former case; that is, kissing your soul-mate or boyfriend or girlfriend. So, have you ever kissed or tried to kiss your partner? Well, probably all the married people here will say yes, but what about the other ones? Most of the unmarried couples feel nervous while kissing and surprisingly many of them don’t even know how to kiss. Most of the times, they are caught browsing the internet on different types of kisses. There are different types of kisses, read on to get familiar with them.

Different Types Of Kisses

Standard Kiss It is the most common and the simplest kiss. How does one define a standard kiss? Have you ever kissed a baby on its cheeks to express love? A simple kiss on cheek, forehead, and hands is counted as the standard one.

French Kiss It is the most popular one amongst couples and involves the touch of tongue. The couples lean together into a simple kiss, open their mouths, and let the tongues graze lightly. Enjoy the feeling of your tongues moving against each other. Make sure not to explore too deeply into your partner's mouth. French kiss is also known as the Kiss of Soul.

Sniff Kiss Sniff kiss is very popular in Asian countries. Kissing in public is not considered appropriate in most of the Asian countries; therefore people opt for a sniff kiss, when in public. Sniff-kiss doesn't involve lips at all. All you have to do is lean into your date and put your nose near their cheek, ear, or neck and inhale the scent deeply. Hey, what are you thinking? You are now over with sniff kiss. It’s about capturing the scent of the one whom you love.

Eskimo Kiss Again, a kiss without using lips. It involves the touch of nose. Bring your faces close and gently rub noses back and forward, up and down, or any other way you feel comfortable.

Flavoured Kiss What about adding flavour and kissing with a candy in your mouth? Take a bite of candy that tastes strawberry, orange, mint, grapes or any other flavour and then continue with a French kiss. Take pleasure with the combination of senses and taste.

Sucking Kiss Sucking kiss is one of the most treasured styles of kissing. Gently suck the lower lip of your partner while kissing with an open mouth. Slightly pull away while kissing for that little extra touch, but do not try hard.

Fish Kiss This is the funniest one. The couples suck their cheeks in such a way so that both of them look like a fish and then they try to kiss each other. While trying they burst out laughing. So, keep trying until you succeed.

Lick Kiss You can categorize this kiss into the sensuous one. Gently run your tongue over your partner’s lips instead of touching his/her lips with your own. End with a light kiss.

Sliding Kiss One can easily get excited in such type of kiss. But before practicing it, you have to expose your partner's feet, ankles, legs, stomach, and neck. Let him/her lie down, gently kiss them on the foot and then slide up to the ankle, knee, thigh, stomach, and finally neck. Keep in mind to slide your lips across the skin between light kisses.

Hickey Gently and firmly suck on your partner's skin until the area is pink or red. It may be best to do in an area that can be covered by clothes.

Tickle Kiss Like every other kisses, this kiss also has the fun-factor in it. You can start by giving your partner a normal kiss and then start tickling their ribs, stomach, or underarms. The sensations caused with these touches will make you laugh.

No Lips Kiss In this you don’t use your lips to kiss your partner. Your tongue plays a significant role, as you just touch the tongue.

Blow Kiss Blow kiss gives sensation to your partner’s body and leave them with a good feeling. Here, you give a wet kiss on your partner’s body parts; such as, neck, back, or shoulder. At the end, give him/her a cooling sensation by pulling yourself back slightly and then gently giving a blow on the kissed part.

Woodpecker Kisses If your partner has closed his/her eyes then give him/her short and quick kisses all over the face. Try to cover the entire face before you burst out laughing.

Kiss On The Hand This is the gentlest and the most sacred kiss. As the term states, it involves kissing on the hand. Take your partner's hand and give a light kiss on the top of it.

This list will enhance your knowledge about different types of kisses practiced in different nations. Surprise your partner with the new ways of loving.

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