What Women Find Attractive In Men

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What Women Find Attractive In A Man

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This has forever been a crucial question since the time of Adam and Eve. In order to become one of those Alpha males who always manage to magnetically draw women towards them, it is necessary to understand and turn back the pages of the past centuries to figure out what women have found dangerously attractive in men. Men strive so hard on a daily basis to attract or even linger in the back of the head of a woman. Women, although considered a weaker sex, are far more dominant in the aspect of relationships, and if you are looking to gain the key to your woman’s heart and a spot on the attractive list, you will have to take some time off and understand what the typical woman really wants to see in her Alpha male. It is time you took center stage and revamp your image according to what women find desirable. You never know, you might just turn into the ‘bad-boy’ that ladies have always been looking for. Read on.

Qualities That Attract Women

Good Sense Of Humor Women always appreciate a man with a great sense of humor. It is important to understand that ladies get bored easily and constantly look for excitement and novelty in their relationships. Most women would tick sense of humor as a dominant aspect on their ‘ideal man’ list. Effortless humor can always make you click with any woman. It is said that if you can make a woman laugh more than once, then you are probably going to be etched in her memory permanently. It is hard to avoid a person with a good sense of humor. However, this does not include cheesy, banal sort of humor that might seem desperate or uncivilized. If you think you have a good sense of humor, then 20 per cent of your problems are solved already.

Great Personality One cannot pin point on one particular aspect that women find attractive or desirable in a man. Womenfolk are constantly looking for men with a complete ‘package’ consisting of good looks, money and personality. The more mysterious a man is, the more attractive he might seem to a woman. However, this does not mean that the man has to be a closed book. Women like to be teased. Aura is a very significant aspect of personality. A sense of mysteriousness to the man can make all the difference. Apart from being mysterious, women also prefer men who are attractive, speak well, are exciting, socialize well and are highly intellectual. Therefore, personality accounts for one of the other dominant traits that a woman continuously hopes to find in a man.

Spontaneity Nothing can ever go wrong with spontaneity. If a man is not boring or dull, half the battle is already won. Women love an interesting persona, and are easily allured by spontaneous characters that can continue to surprise and please them in all aspects. It is mandatory to understand that women love to be entertained, and there can be nothing better than a man who would love to take his woman out, do random, affectionate things for her out of the blue or just be an adventurous personality. In this case, that element of surprise and impulsiveness is what women look for.

Human Scent It would be untruthful, if women disagree that they do not find the scent of men attractive. Certainly, sweaty men, reeking with a foul odor can be a turn off, but to a certain extent, women adore the very basic level, bodily scent emitted from a man that can also be very arousing. This would not mean that the men should stop having a shower. Bathing twice a day will keep you hygienic and also still emit that wonderful, mysterious fragrance that women find so attractive.

Chivalry Chivalry is not dead. Women will swarm around you like a flock of bees if you have a chivalrous quality about you. Girls and ladies have always dreamt of their knight in shining armor since time immemorial. It would only do a man some good, if he had the heart to pull out chairs, opened doors for women or kissed the back of her palms once in a while. It wouldn’t hurt to show your gentleman, Edwardian side to a lady. After all, all women like to be treated like queens and princesses once in a while.

Money It would be absolutely dishonest if women say that money is not an important part in their lives. They would only be lying to themselves. Women are easily attracted to wealthy men. It does not necessarily have to be princely wealth, but sufficient enough to spoil the women silly. A woman is always awe-inspired by a man of great status and repute in the society, and although love can be ‘blind’ in certain cases, majority of the women, prefer men who are financially independent and also rich!

Appearance From the way you dress to the way you smile, appearance is one of the most prevalent factors that attracts or draws women towards men. Who can resist a Brad Pitt or a Leonardo Di Caprio? That does not mean you have to look like them. Women find the intense eyes of men attractive, along with that lopsided smirk that could drive them crazy. Find out what your best asset is in terms of appearance and build on it to see the magic unfold. If you think your hair is a great feature, or your smile, then there is nothing like it and also remember to always stay hygienic.

Commitment Along with all the superficial elements such as appearance and wealth, women also need an underlying commitment and promise of love in the relationship. Getting down on one knee and asking the girl of your dreams to marry you is definitely a start, which a woman can find extremely emotional and attractive. If you seem more of the flirtatious types, a woman also in return may never take you seriously. In order to be locked into a woman’s heart forever, it is absolutely necessary to commit to her if you are ready for it.

Honesty Who can tolerate a dishonest person or a fibber? This is considered as an important element which women find attractive in men. They may not look for open-books, but they would definitely prefer a man with an honest side to him, with honest opinions and a straightforward approach to life. So, if you are not one of those honest types, then you might just repel smart, intellectual and beautiful women.

Sociability Women constantly look for men on the go who have many friends and who are easy to chat up. These men do not necessarily fall into the ‘party animal’ category or those extremely elite socialites. By sociability, women look for men who are individualistic and yet fit in and merge easily with all sorts of people. Sociability also comes with being fun and being the ‘live wire’ in a group.

A friendly personality, backed with a pleasing aura, confidence, intelligence and appearance can put you on the top of the list of most women. What is important to understand is to not try too hard, because at the end of the day, women like men who are just ‘themselves’, and are without any fake masks. From humor to charisma and that killer smile, a woman isn’t too hard to attract, if you know what to work on. All ladies are repelled by unhygienic, insecure and egoistic men. So, if you are not a person who falls into any of these three categories, then it is safe to say that you are now ready to work your magic, and find out what women find attractive about you! All the best!

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