Seducing Techniques For Him

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Seducing Techniques For Him

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You have been a good friend to her, probably the best; she leans over you for every single opinion and then goes back to her life. You keep an eye at the door for her, full of expectations, but to no use. She doesn’t come back. You visit parks, and other public places and see a number of couples walking hand-in-hand, kissing each other and laughing insanely. Happily, your heart starts fitting you with the girl of your dreams in similar scenes, but a futile effort nonetheless. For the fact is, she considers you just a friend and you cannot do what your heart wants you to do: seduce her, drive her crazy, make her want you and only you, however hard you try! Instantly, the smile drops at your face, observing the charm and happiness in their lives of these couples. This is the time, not to regret about the past, but to look forward with a new outlook towards her, making her develop a passionate feeling for you. Read the next section which throws light on how to get her in your life, seduce and woo her to an extent that makes her fall for you! Here it goes!

Your Image Matters Bear in mind that the way you are perceived by her is something that really counts: how well-mannered you are, your charm and genuineness. Your good and positive image will certainly take you closer to her, and far above from the people counted as the ‘great friends’ of her to her ‘man’!

Do What She Experiences Rarely Herein lies the master key to get your girl close to you and make her crazy in your love. Do just the opposite of what she often sees or experiences. For instance, if she is pretty gorgeous and is expected to be chased by many, just ignore her, but subtly. It will give her sleepless nights thinking about you and the reason behind your indifference towards her. On the other hand, if the girl is just average looking and is not expected to be chased by the crowd, shower her with your love and care and see the miracle coming your way!

Speak Seductively Do not start with stuff on workload, bad weather, outer world and all. Make an environment for flirt, romance and seduction. Go for all the imaginary things, arousing the inner-most fantasies. Make her feel comfortable with you so that she can also share some of hers and can come closer to you emotionally before setting stage for the real game.

Touch Inadvertently Inadvertent touches are the best nonverbal tools to send signals to your partner about your intentions. It will pull her towards you as she will come to know that you are really into her and that you are confident enough to make it. These gentle touches–holding her hands, shoulders and playfully flipping her hair–will open the doors to a beginning of a new fascinating love life.

Make Her Laugh When she finds you friendly, she smiles. However, when she is in into you, she laughs. The vice versa is also true – the more you make her laugh, the more she will come close to you and feel connected. Tease her, talk crazily about the things she loves to talk about and see how cherishing the effort will prove to be. So bear in mind, the more you become centre of her laughs and smiles, the more she will be in you.

Keep Seduction Secret Until she comes to know that your tactics are actually meant to seduce her and to prepare platform for something damn exotic, she will not resist, rather would enjoy and treasure you. So, take care that you keep these things secret and let her show the innermost appeal unknowingly.

Exhibit Your Weakness Areas This is how a girl’s commitment begins. Exhibiting some of your weaknesses will position your image as an honest, harmless and trustable human being in her eyes. Outright masculinity makes a girl a bit frightened. Revealing your true self will make her rely on you and will bring her closer to you. Present your weakness with a positive view and see how impressed she is. Though, make sure that you do not bring depressing topics about the events and issues related with your past girlfriends, or anything else that is really sensitive.

Reveal Less About Yourself This is what most of the guys do wrong. If a girl talks a lot about herself and her life, it’s because it’s something she actually wants to talk about. Until you are not directly asked to do so, do not make a mention of yourself, your life and your problems. It will be a big turn off and she may take it as your way of dominating over what she feels and again, may take away all her attraction she had for you.

Have Patience Now, when you have read the tips listed above, you may be planning to implement most of them in a single go, but wait! The last piece of advice is to keep things at a slow pace, to make your relation and life enriched with love, care and surprises. Be patient! Do not expect an instant response to your efforts, particularly a verbal response. Even when you feel that the she is not noticing, the fact is, she might actually be observing you quite closely.

Seduction is an art and as a man you are perfect at it. Just believe it and get ready to experience the fantabulous phase of your soon-to-be-formed relationship!

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