How To Tell If A Co-Worker Is In Love With You

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How To Tell If A Co Worker Is In Love With You

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If Love was a forceful activity, no one had ever complained about a ‘No’ from the one they loved. It is a feeling and people eventually fall in love. Nothing planned and deliberate, it’s just a matter of strong liking and soft corner for that special person. It does not even attempts to look over their religion, caste, and place. It just happens. There is a possibility that someone in your office is giving you certain place in his/her personal life. Don’t be surprised! These days office is like a second home for most of the people. Coming back to the point, the person may be dreaming of you and planning to express his/her feelings before you, discounting the official work for which s/he is paid by the employer. Do you have some co-workers’ name hovering in your mind after reading above lines? If you have full doubt about their feelings for you, the article is for you. Check out the next section of this article and resolve all the queries. Here it begins.

Signs a Co-Worker Is in Love with You

    • Observe your co-worker’s body language when s/he comes in your contact. If the co-worker converses with you in an inviting and open manner then there is a place reserved exclusively for you in his/her heart.
    • If you that person in or around your workspace most of the time, while s/he supposed to have no connection with your cubicle, you have received another sign. It’s a signal s/he us interested in you and that s/he wants to be with you. That is why s/he is hanging around delaying her/his own piece of work.
    • Another sign of strong liking is remembering small things about you. It may include your favourite food, favourite song, your birthday (definitely!), and any other important event of your life.
    • Getting compliments from one of your co-workers very frequently? It’s not his/her fault if you dress up in such a manner that people can’t stop themselves complimenting you. But, give a second thought to it. If that co-worker flatters you even when you are in your routine attire then yes there may be some feelings in his/her heart for you.
    • Have you noticed your co-worker standing beside you almost every time ‘accidentally’? These accidental scenes are actually deliberate. Who wouldn’t like to be in the proximity of those whom they love?
    • If your co-worker always seeks your opinion even in the matters absolutely unrelated to your work area, it may be seen as the way of being in touch with you and to build communication with you.
    • Observe their moves in group of which you are also a part. If they give you more attention than others and communicate more with you than other group mates, you are surely in!
    • Have you noticed your co-worker’s eyes fixed on you several times? Also, s/he shifted her/his eyes quickly as if s/he was looking somewhere else. If the answer is yes, chances are high that s/he wants to keep you before her/his eyes forever.
    • Another sign of love is your co-worker’s interest to get in touch with you after office hours and on weekends. S/he may take help of telephone, text messages, chat, or social networking sites to connect with you.
    • Helping one’s colleague is good, but going out of one’s comfort zone to help out that special colleague in order to maintain a sense of happiness and delight simply means you are not ‘just’ a colleague for the co-worker. It suggests the person has a soft corner for you and that s/he considers your problems and desires just like her/his own.
    • Another way of ascertaining whether the person is interested in you is to open up your ears for grapevine communication existing in the office. Watch what your other co-workers are talking about both of you. It may provide you with fruitful outcomes, but think twice before jumping over any conclusion, solely relying on such gossips.

We hope that above tips will help you find out if someone secretly admires you. Our last advice is that whether you like him/her or not, it’s better to confirm the same with the person in question.

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