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are you seductive

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If you were the head cheerleader during your high school years, then it is easy for you to know that you were the poster girl of the Boys locker room. And you will have no questions lingering in your mind like “Are you Seductive?” or “How Seductive are you?” But if this was not the case and you have been an average looking girl or a guy in your teens, then such questions must have come across your mind. These questions haunt you when you do not get quite the amount of attention you think you deserve. First of all, let us make the concept of seduction clear in your mind. Seduction doesn’t mean dressing in revealing clothes, it is rather an attitude and its level depends on the way you carry yourself. Yes, to a certain extent it does depend on your wardrobe but is not limited to it. And if you really want to know if you are seductive enough then follow the pointers to know it better yourself.

Signs You Are Seductive

You are Seductive – Indicators

    • When you go out wearing a casual jeans and a t-shirt and are still ogled by a number of people of the opposite gender.
    • Almost the entire office compliments you on your eye catching top.
    • You can certainly tell by the way a person from different sex looks at you, especially by the way of his/her smile that how interested the person is in you and in what way.
    • You receive a lot of drunken calls from your colleagues and friends, as most people are quite frank and open while they are intoxicated.
    • If you quite frequently get compliments from the opposite gender on your eyes. Yes, eyes it has to be, because these are the assets which are directly related to seduction.
    • Has it ever happened to you that you were complimented by your friend after a telephonic conversation that you sounded really seductive over the phone? If yes then you are!
    • When you receive a key to a hotel suite from a waiter sent by the hot person sitting across the bar, who has been staring at you all evening,
    • When you are travelling in a subway and a person comes to you out of nowhere and hands you his visiting card or introduces himself/herself, then be sure that you are hot property.
    • Smile reveals all, so it is very obvious to judge from a person’s smile that what exact impression he/she carries off your persona.
    • If you are a guy and on the very second date she invites you to her hotel room or abode for a coffee, then it speaks clearly that you have got oodles of sex appeal.
    • If you rarely check the mirror before going out on a date or meeting and still get compliments for the way you carry yourself.
    • If it happens with you that you catch people staring right at you and when you turn towards them they pretend not to be looking at you or turn towards something else.
    • People actually keep mum to listen to you while you speak and you seem to know somehow that it is not only because of the content you are speaking.
    • You leave the opposite sex drooling over you whenever you make an appearance in public.
    • Shutterbugs go crazy even when you do the stretching before your salsa performance (means every minute thing you do).
    • You just leisurely say what you want and people fight with each other to get that thing done.

If after reading all these markers of seduction you are still wondering whether you qualify as a seductress or a seducing male, and are not able to find out if any of the above mentioned things ever happened in your life. Then you seriously need to introduce a few changes in your lifestyle, though we always stress, feeling of love surpasses all. And anyways, the word seduction is overrated anyways.

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