How To Escape A Bad Date

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How To Escape A Bad Date

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You never know when the first date turns into a bad date. For e.g. your friend has set up a date with her cousin, who she thinks is a perfect match for you. But everything turns out to be a sham and now you are stuck with a date which you don’t want to continue. In that case you should have escape routes planned first. First of all, try to make it to the end because it is really rude to step out at the middle of a date. But, if you find the person sitting in front of you as a pig headed chauvinist, then there is no point waiting for your date to get over. We are providing you with a number of scientifically designed and tested Escape routes, which you can fit and use according to the situation you are stuck in.

Ways to Escape a Bad Date

Try Being Polite You find yourself in a flux while sitting opposite to a guy/girl in a nice restaurant who can not stop bragging about his/her collection of comic books. You are sure that you don’t want to date this person again, but you also want to be rude. In this condition try being as polite as you can and include a little flattery in your speech. Tell the person that you don’t have anything in common, but also tell her/him that s/he is the most witty, sweet, adorable, beautiful person you’ve ever met.

Reverse Psychology Play this card only after making sure that your date is a sane person. Make your date reject you, this way you won’t have to go back home feeling bad. Talk in a way so that your date tries to run away. Tell, you want to marry him/her and have children, or tell you are expecting someone, a parent, ex-spouse, a boyfriend on parole, or anything else. Then you will notice your date finding excuses to escape.

Excuse Yourself Excuse yourself on some pretext. Tell you are supposed to meet your boss for a meeting which you forgot, or you have to send few e-mails; start searching your pockets mumbling about some medication or keys you forgot; there are numerous excuses. Try any which you think will work and get away from there as fast as you can. But, keep in mind not to let your date tag along otherwise your plan might come to a different end.

An Urgent Call Text your friend from under the table and ask her/him to call you. When s/he calls, walk out of the place as an excuse to get better cell phone reception and flee from the place. This way you don’t even have to face your date before leaving. Although this plan can backfire if you are caught text messaging under the table.

Ask a Favor Ask your date to do a favour for you and send him/her on an errand. Ask your date to go out on some context such as; buying you an ice cream, medication, or flowers, and as soon as your date leaves run out of the place from backdoor.

Fake Illness This is probably the best excuse to get out of this kind of situation. Fake that you have got an allergic reaction after eating the pizza you ordered, or rumble on the ground holding your belly. This will surely make your date concerned, but don’t allow her/him to come along, instead take a cab and head home.

The Backdoor Exit If you think that this is probably the worst date you are in and you have a feeling that none of the above mentioned tips will work for you then you have no option but to try this one. First, if you are a good runner then the moment your date’s attention shifts from you, start running towards the exit, but strategize your exit first. And if you are not good at running then, God save you!!, You have only one way to escape, “the restroom window”. It is the textbook escape and never fails. Make an excuse to use the restroom and flee the place through the restroom window.

Well these are probably the easiest escape routes from a bad date. So, go to a date with a positive attitude and if it turns out to be a dead fish, you know you have a way to escape.

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