How To Ask A Woman On A Date

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How to Ask a Woman on a Date

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You met someone at the bar and you found out that you haven’t seen a second like her. The next step is to acquire her number; which you did. Bravo Casanova! But now comes the difficult part, asking her out on a date. She’s hot and you think that she might be the one, so you don’t want to lose your chance. So what is the perfect way to ask a woman out on a date? The answer is that girls are asked out by a number of guys, so what matters here is the way one asks her so that she can not deny. There are a number of ways one can ask a girl out on a date; almost every guy has a way of his own. But there are a number of common mistakes that most guys make, and if you are able to avoid those, then yours will be a perfect proposal.

Asking A Woman On A Date 

Show Boldness Don’t beat around the bush. Be direct and clear about your intentions. If possible, don’t build up before popping the question. This raw, masculine side of men is able to impress women most of the times. Women find it refreshingly innovative. Be specific in your approach about what you want and when, but avoid being crude or indecent. Being bold doesn’t mean being rude or cheap.

Maintain Eye Contact Maintaining eye contact with your prospective date is always a good move as avoiding eye contact seems to be an indication of treachery. It is difficult for a person to believe you if you are unable to make eye contact with him. These are also the traits of a person who lacks confidence and is insecure. So, while asking for a date, look into her eyes, smile and say, “Would you like to go out with me this Saturday evening?”

Voice & Tone Your voice will help you get a date, but this is a faculty which can also make you lose one. What we are saying is that it is natural to be a little nervous when you are going to meet a person of your dream, and the nervousness may change the tone of your voice. So, try to control your emotions and don’t let them take over you. Practice your lines aloud in front of a friend, and keep yourself refreshed on the day you are suppose to ask her out on a date.

Initiate Being a male, it is always expected from you to make the first move. A girl will never make the first move. So, if you have handed the girl your visiting card or your number and you are expecting her to make the phone call; you will end up being disappointed. As for the time you are waiting, someone else will be asking her out.

Ask Her Out In Person Never ever try to ask her out on phone, as she will end up imaging you a coward. If you have her phone number, then call her and fix a place where you can meet. Later ask her out on a date. Asking out in person is somehow charming and seducing at the same time.

What Not To Do

  • Don’t try to initiate with a one-liner as however cool it may sound in your head, it will never work for you until and unless you are Tom Cruise. Try being yourself and treat her like a lady while asking her out. A little wit will help a lot, but don’t do it over the top.
  • Don’t be nervous while asking her out on a date. Being nervous will only make the situation difficult for you so try being confident. Feel free to use your instincts but also weigh your move.
  • Don’t ever try to ask her out in a closed environment, like, a lift or a boat. As this will only make her uncomfortable and the chances are that she might end up saying no.
  • Giving up easily are the signs of a loser, but pressing again and again and trying incessantly might portray you as a desperate person rather than being bold and passionate.
  • Invite a woman out rather than asking her out. This will show that you have done enough of pondering on the topic and you have everything planned for the day. It is going to be a special day for her.
  • Don’t use the word date as it takes out all the romance from it. Try using phrases like spending some time together, taking her out, etc.

If you think that she is perfect and despite of all this training you somehow end up facing a “No”. Then, don’t be disheartened and keep trying your luck as you will surely meet the person you are destined to.

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