How To Get Guys Attention

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how to get guys attention

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Attention! Girls, this is your Major Personal Helper speaking and would like to have a word. Do not speak, do not just hear; listen, and listen intently. Sources tell us that some trouble has just been located in the area of seeking guys’ attention. You’ve been waving that flag for far too long but to no effect. The so perceived enemy you wish to turn into a friend, for now, hasn’t even bothered to take notice. It’s not because you lack what needs to be in abundance; it’s because your strategy has been slightly off and you have been unable to reach the full. To help you conquer this task, the strategy has been amended and now promises to offer the best of results. Each point has been briefly yet crisply mentioned in the section below. Go through each and get on with your mission.

Getting A Guys Attention

Cross His Path It’s simple and works like magic. From wherever you know the guy or have seen him walk out regularly; walk past him at the same time flirting with your hair followed by a minor glance at him. This will surely get his attention, and a few times over if it happens, will increase the chances of a conversation.

Wear On A Positive Attitude It always works, unfailingly. Adopt a cheerful and happy go lucky nature; smile pleasantly, laugh heartily, talk passionately, and walk as if there’s not a single damn thing that can get you down. Guys dig this attitude and avoid the opposites of the same: dull, straight face, and bogged down attitude.

Be Yourself Words, at the very first outbreak can give you away. Choose them wisely and don’t try to put up a show. Don’t be pretentious in order to gain his attention and just be who you are in your natural form and he’ll like you for it. You don’t want to gain his attention for all the wrong reasons, do you?

Wear Good Clothes Even before he’ll be able to take notice of your expressions, your clothes will speak volumes about your personality, from a distance. Wear outfits that enhance your features and suit your personality. If needed, buy few new ones and try not to repeat-wear any of the outfit more than once a week, to the very least. Seeing you at your vibrant best, his attention is bound to circle around you. Stay away from getting into revealing clothes, as his intentions through attentions could lie elsewhere.

Let Him Know Of Your Availability Not directly of course. If you meet that guy almost every other day, say at work or gym, class etc., then try and convey the message from indirect sources that you are single and ready to mingle. But first, try to learn if he too, is single and available. If he is, then the moment news of you being single reaches his ears, he’ll be attracted towards you as if on auto pilot.

Become His Friend Become his friend and his attention will be yours to keep. Flirt a little but don’t be awkward at it, pay heed to what he has to say, also assert your point if you don’t agree with something without getting hopped up over the issue, be there when he needs company, and so on. If you are able to do that, apart from the obvious attention, then you will also come to know if you like him enough to see a future with him.

Be Mysterious Be an intriguing mystery that he’d like to solve. Maintain eye contact for a few seconds and then break it, smile when he looks at you but hide it immediately, and the likes. Be like a walking shadow that he, in all his might, can’t seem to decipher. The intrigue of it all will probably drive him nuts and all his attention will be focused on you. However, don’t be too mysterious that he may be forced to focus his attention on someone else.

Theoretical knowledge will get you only thus far, if you want to go the distance then do a practical of the above points and attention will be yours, for all the right reasons. You may now be at ease!

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