How To Make A Guy Miss You

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how to make a guy miss you

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If you are a constantly nagging wife/ girlfriend and are looking for an answer to the above listed question, please spare yourself the delight! For, why in the world would your man miss you if are constantly behind him as his own shadow? Instead, a little absence of yours would seem to him like a breath of fresh air and freedom, long desired. Remember, to make a man miss you, you have to first give him the chance, and this can only happen if you stopped checking on him through constant phone calls, SMS, instant messaging and emails. Missing is the consequence of realization and realization is an outcome of understanding the value of the other partner in a relationship. So, whatever is the call – whether it is bringing back your strayed away boyfriend in line or making your husband re-evaluate his asset having you as his wife, first give your partner an opportunity to miss your absence. And to help you in the same, given here are tips and ideas. Follow them and in no time, you are sure to revel in the glory of having a ‘missing you’ card by your bedside!

Mothering and Smothering – Nah! Keep that nurturing side of yours for your children and grandchildren! They would definitely need it more than your man does! You need to get certain things straight – before your man had you in his life, he did go out for work, wore a fresh pair of socks every day, take along with him the home and car keys and of course, had his meals (if not, you would have an anorexic as your partner). So, stop mothering him all the time. Men hate when they are told what to do and what not to do. Give him some space and watch how he longingly craves for your company all the time! Else, be prepared to have him running to the hills every time you are around! 

Not An Easy Bait! You keep complaining that he doesn’t miss you anymore the way he did when the two of you were dating each other. Wait a second and think, are you that compelling and hard-to-get as you were in those initial days? No, then why do you expect him to be the same? Men are predators. Period. They love to be in quest all the time. If, in the recent past, you have been acting like an open book with no mystery to unfold, it is natural for your man to pay less attention to you and thus miss you even less. Try to be the hard-to-achieve target and in no time, you’ll have your man missing you. Show him that you choose to be with him and not need him. The aim of continuing to be ‘the chosen one’ would keep your man on his toes and make him miss you every time you play around a bit.

It’s My Life! Does the Bon Jovi song ring a bell in your ears? Well, if it does, then it is time to start acting on the same. Get a grip of your life and evaluate what you have been doing in the recent past. How long has it been since you had been for the all-girls night out? When did you last go for shopping with your friends? How often do you visit the parlour? Now, who is it to blame? Definitely, not your man! How is your man supposed to miss you if he hasn’t had the opportunity? Get out of the four walls of your home and have a life without him. Let him know that if he can party without you, so can you. When this realization will dawn upon him, he’ll miss you when you are not around.

A Dash of Tease! Before you try on this idea, understand that there is a fine line between being sexy and being a wannabe. Sexy are those who ooze out confidence and appeal all at the same time and wannabes’ are those who seem to be desperate and attention seeking. And men definitely are aroused when you are sexy and not when you act like a wannabe! To keep your man on his toes and make him have you in his mind even when he is sitting in front of his laptop in the office, just add a dash of tease to his life. You can do this by taking him off guard completely when he least expects it. Wear an absolutely stunning outfit to his office to hand him his important papers that he left home or reveal the corny side of you in the bed just when it is time to get off the bed – the idea is to keep things brief and fleeting so that it lingers for long in his mind!

Busy Bee! If you have been lately picking up his call at the mere first ring or cancelling all your prior engagements just because he wants to meet you, how in the world do you expect your man to miss you? Availability is one of the foremost reasons when a man stops missing the woman in his life. Instead, try the other route and make sure that you are occupied (if you are not, at least act like one). The fact that he is not on your mind all the time and that you have appointments to cater to will make your man miss you like hell, when you are not around. You can even go for a weekend getaway without him to spark off the jealousy feeling and have him miss you more dearly.

Final Say: Remember, there is a fine line between missing someone to the point of loving him/her more for it, and missing someone to the point of putting stress in the relationship. Don’t overdo any of the tips mentioned above or you would weaken your relationship instead of strengthening it! Good luck in your endeavour!

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