20 Tips On How To Be A Good Kisser

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20 tips on how to be a good kisser

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A kiss is the most romantic exhibition out of all the physical gestures of love and desire. It is a symbol of strong desire and longing. You kiss someone because you reach an epitome where you cannot contain all your love, attraction and desire for that person; you want to pour it all over your partner, to let him/her finally know that this is what it all comes down to, a passionate kiss. A kiss can be so powerful in putting forth your feelings for someone; it can be orgasmic, sexually satisfying and arousing at the same time. Kisses are of different kinds and potential. There are kisses that you give in affection, like: giving a peck on the cheek or kissing someone’s forehead, and then there are kisses that involve much more passion, like a long sexy smooch. The right kind of kiss never fails to turn someone on. It can both be racy and love initiator at the same time. Nobody forgets his/her first kiss or for that matter, any other kiss that really got him/her going. A good kiss has the capacity to be strongly imprinted in one’s mind and every time it is remembered again, it sends across the same shudders that is felt when it first happened in actuality. Everyone desires to be showered with perfect kisses but it is not possible to have that without being a perfect kisser yourself. A kiss can be immaculate only when it is harmoniously synchronized between two people. Two people involved in a kiss have to be rhythmic at the same level and be able to project the same amount of passion with their moves. A kiss might seem simple but it constitutes of many elements that makes it so tempting and beautiful. Nothing kills the passion more than a bad or what is more appropriately called, an awkward kiss. You certainly do not want someone taking a scan of your mouth with his/her mouth, thinking that he/she is kissing you. A bad kiss is known to be the deal breaker. Imagine someone who looks like a dream, talks like a charm and does everything in a way that he/she captures your heart, but when it comes to kissing he/she has absolutely no clue what he/she is doing; you will not be able to stay with this person in a sexual equation for long. Nothing throws one off more than a bad kiss. But worry not, we know what a good kiss constitutes of and here in this article we have mentioned every possible thing that you can do to make sure that your kiss is perfect. Follow these simple 20 tips on how to be a good kisser.


Top 20 Suggestions To Improve Your Kisses

    1. Groom Yourself: It is very important to be kissable. Nobody wants to kiss someone who does not look inviting enough to be kissed. Men do not have to do a lot in this scope than to just keep themselves groomed. You do not want to kiss your lady love with all that facial hair on your face, disrupting the ultimate pleasure of kissing the one you fancy. Make sure your mouth is clean and your teeth are not rotting; it is actually as simple as that. Personal hygiene is a big thing when it comes to sexual contact, especially kissing. After all, your mouth will be in someone else’s mouth; it has to be clean. You can make sure that your lips are not chapped because it is really not sexy to kiss someone with flaky lips. Women can put in a little more effort than this. Wear your favorite lipstick, preferably the non-transferable one; you do not want to smudge it all over your man’s face. Plum up your lips and make them look juicy enough to be kissed; you can use a shiny gloss for this purpose. Be mindful of the facial hair, get rid of your upper-lip hair and make sure your face is well moisturized and supple.
    2. Smell Pleasant: You should smell pleasant because kissing involves a close body contact. You should wear a good deodorant otherwise it would be very difficult for your partner to stand you while kissing. He or she will eventually give up. Instead, if you can wear a beautiful fragrance and entice him/her into coming close to you then it will be just perfect.
    3. Breath Alarm: Make sure that your breath is clean. There is nothing more of a turn off than someone trying to kiss with a breath on him/her. Always a good practice to chew a gum or keep a mint in the mouth before trying to kiss your partner.
    4. To Kiss Or Not To Kiss: This is a very important question. You have to know it in your bones whether or not you should be kissing in that particular moment. You should be sensible enough to understand if your partner is expecting you to kiss him/her or not. Even if you take him/her by surprise then you should know if it will be appreciated or not. Under no circumstance you should force a kiss on someone. Also, do not plead for it. Do not keep asking for the permission to kiss. If you get the hint that your partner does not want it in that moment then simply drop the idea and do not mention again. There is nothing more putting off than a guy or a gal requesting to be kissed.
    5. How Much Passion?: When you are kissing someone for the first time then do not just pounce on them and start to eat them up. It needs to start with an artistic subtlety. As an initiator, you have got to show some patience and see where your kissing partner is at. Try and assess if he/she wants the kiss to be a racy one or just sensually romantic. Kiss your partner with a little restraint in the beginning. You can give him/her series of quick and precise sucks on the lips. Your partner will catch up to it; if he/she wants more then he/she will find a way to let you know about it. Whether he/she will make it passionate himself with strong forceful moves or just let you know with the sexy noises he/she makes, you will know for certain what your partner wants from you if you will give it more time and have patience.
    6. Back off: If at any time you feel that your partner is uncomfortable then immediately withdraw back. Ask him/her if he/she is okay or what is it that he/she does not like. You have to be conscious of the needs of your partner. It is not just your kiss, it is your partner’s kiss as well.
    7. Right Distance: What do you think should be the apt distance between your bodies when you are kissing for the first time? The right answer to it is that some distance is necessary in the beginning. It will give your partner some breathing space. You do not want your partner to be suffocated and feel stuck in a body lock with you. Give him/her enough space to come closer to you. And trust us, if you are a good kisser, you will find your partner all over you in no time.
    8. Take Breaks: While kissing, it is absolutely imperative that you take occasional breaks. You cannot suck on someone’s mouth continuously. If you will not take breaks then you will end up breathing inside your partner’s mouth and there is nothing more disgusting than that. It is not just you, your partner also needs some rest from time to time. Make these breaks very swift. You can start doing something else during these breaks, like: kissing your partner’s neck or cheeks or sucking on to his/her earlobes.
    9. Tie Your Tongue: There is nothing more annoying than too much of tongue action. If you are not sixteen anymore, then please let go of the desire to fill your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Use tongue only when you know how to maneuver it inside your partner’s mouth. Be careful not to shove it inside his/her mouth and wait for them to do something with it. Also, do not scan your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Your tongue should show up in the scene only occasionally, the main work here is of your lips and your sucking capabilities.
    10. Suck With Precision: Do not suck on to your partners lips like you are a little baby sucking on to your thumb. Suck one lip at a time and suck with care and passion. Keep shifting from one lip to another and lightly suck on them.
    11. Bite Alert: Do not bite like a wolverine; your partner is a human being expecting a humane treatment from you. If you want to bite your partner, then bite him/her lightly with very little teeth action. You do not want your partner to break into a cry just because you thought it would be fun to bite his/her lips off. If while giving a soft bite on his/her lips, your partner retreats back, it is an indication that he does not like it and you need to stop.
    12. No Slobbering: It is natural for saliva to accumulate in your mouth while kissing; do not forget to swallow it from time to time otherwise you will start slobbering like a dog and there is absolutely nothing romantic about that. Do not swallow it while kissing, retrieve back for a second, swallow it and get back into the action.
    13. Head: This one needs to be taken care of. Your head should not come in the way of your kissing. You can tilt it on to one side and move it rhythmically.
    14. Hands: Do not just leave your hands and arms dead on your side. Use them to create more passion. Squeezing your partner’s arm with your hands is a wonderful way to convey that you like his/her kiss and touch.
    15. Mix It Up: Do not just continually kiss your partner. Bring in some other elements like: touch him/her, stroke his hair, grip on to his waist, slide your hand to his/her back and grope on to his/her butt, rub against each other. A synchronized movement between your kiss and all these other gestures will make your kiss all the more interesting and uncontrollably arousing.
    16. Say Sweet Nothings: Say something really passionate while you are kissing. This will heat things up a bit more. This is the right time to let your partner know how much you long for him/her or how sexy he/she looks. You can even confess you feelings for your partner while you are kissing, tell him/her that you’ve fallen for him/her and you love him/her. Words instill more passion into physical contact.
    17. Become One With Your Partner: Two people when kissing together need to become a singular entity in a harmonious rhythm. Your body should be flowing with your partner’s body. Every move should be one and not separate. If your partner comes closer to you, then you should be able to automatically hold them tighter; that is synchrony.
    18. Not A Prelude To Sex: A kiss does not mean that your partner will sleep with you just after it. Do not spoil yours and your partner’s kissing experience by forcing it into a prelude to sex. If your partner is sending across a strong vibe that he/she wants to make love to you then you can surely go ahead and have sex. But, if your partner has not indicated anything like that, then do not presume and kill the passion. It is always a good idea to ask your partner and if his/her answer is no, then let it go.
    19. Perfect Location: You cannot just kiss anywhere; you need a perfect place and ambience for it. Kissing in public is also not for everyone, be careful for it might end up offending your partner. For a kiss a private environment is absolutely necessary—a place where you can be romantic and explicit. But most of all, the perfect location would be where your partner feels comfortable.
    20. End It With A Compliment: By the end of the kiss tell your partner how much you enjoyed the kiss and which move you really liked. If you are more of a romantic kind then let your partner know that you care very much for him/her. The idea is to seal the kiss with something memorable and loving.

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