How To Tell A Man You Like Him

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How To Tell A Man You Like Him

It’s pretty straight forward business: you like a guy, you tell him. But too often, there are some reservations that make this uncomplicated task quite a messed up story. And because of this, it becomes awfully difficult to convey your liking to someone. You don’t need such complications ruining your peace and keeping you away from someone you wish to spend some time with. What you need is a bunch of tips, help from our side if you may, to get over this jinx and tell a man that you like him. It’s not a big deal as it has been made out to be; so, you can put the troublesome thoughts of rejection to rest and test what follows next. Continue reading through the section to know more about the art of how to tell a man you like him.

How To Tell A Man You Like Him

Be Direct The first way to do it is being direct and honest. Tell him that you like him. However, if you don’t know the guy well enough then you might run the risk of appearing desperate or needy. But on the other hand, the honest behaviour without any side play might even be appreciated and he might take you for it. But, try to not come on too strong or it might scare him away. Proceed with caution and unhurriedly. Give him space, but always be available whenever he wants to spend time with you.

Signal Let him know of your availability and interest in him through various signals that will convey him the same. First and foremost, put up a smile and turn on the charm. An always smiling woman, heartily at that, never fails to withdraw men’s attention. It lets them know that you are intriguing, engaging, and special. So, whenever you come across him, smile, and twirl your hair, not in a goofy way but in slightly reserved yet sensuous way that tells him that you are interested.

Be Attractive This works only when you already know the guy and hang out or see him too often. If possible, purchase a bunch of new outfits and wear a new outfit on each day and when you two meet or cross paths, he will definitely be noticing you. It’s an indirect way of telling him that you like him and are trying to gain his attention. This, along with sticking to the point above will definitely convey your feelings to him.

Flirt Flirt, but harmlessly and in limits. You don’t want to give out a feeling that you do this with every other guy. Joke around with him, pay compliments to his dressing style or hair, and the likes. It’s an instant way of letting him know that you like him and would like to take things further. However, don’t indulge in sexual flirting if you don’t know the guy for some period to trust him well. And also, don’t confuse him with all sorts of mixed and confused signals.

Be There Liking someone is an ongoing process and has to be displayed in actions. What good is liking him if your gestures make him believe otherwise? If he asks you to hang out together then be there; if he’s in some sort of a trouble then provide him a helping hand; and if he feels discouraged then lay out his good qualities to him and try to encourage him. But most important thing of all, don’t overwhelm him with your presence but give him a chance to miss you.

In the end, do remember that the tips are only as good as you are. If you don’t believe in yourself: good qualities, high morale, and trust in yourself, then nothing of the above or anything else for that matter is going to help you reach the shore. So, before you start with any of this, first, try to build up a high self-esteem and that you are good for what you are.