What To Say To A Girl You Like

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Your senses overwhelm you as you close in to submit your first statement. You tell yourself that although she seems like a Greek goddess descended from the above, but she remains a girl, and a good looking one at that. You somehow manage to hold your own and move in towards her. She notices you approaching her; you notice her noticing you and you nearly faint, feeling tight and all choked up. Your liking towards her beats every congestion and close in to deliver the final punch. “Hi… Hello… Er…  The thing is… I er… I have to go, sorry!’ Kaput! What was that? What was it that you just said? It all went wrong, horribly wrong. You had it all but somehow it came out all wrong. Well, what now? Are you going to go back to her or going to like a different girl? It went wrong yes, but things aren’t that bad as you feel. It can still work out, and pretty well at that. Just don’t be nervous and follow our lead. Read the rest of the section and learn the way to it.

What To Say To A Girl You Like

‘So, Tell Me About You…’ It’s pretty obvious and you won’t be able to do without it. What we mean is that you need to be on healthy talking terms with the girl before you go saying things to her. And the best way to achieve the “healthy” status is by being mentally present when she talks to you about her life. Listening and making small gestures like nodding is one way to let her know that you are all there: mind and body. Apart from asking questions (to get to know her better), also be ready to provide answers in an unreserved manner, unless of course it gets cross a line or gets too personal.

‘You Look Beautiful…’ Yes, it’s important, and very. Would you not love it if any person made a positive comment on your personality or appearance? You’d be head over heels, no doubt. So remember, girls too, more than you, love to receive compliments in any which way they come. Be it the subtle make-up she’s wearing, a new hairdo she’s trying on, a dress that accentuates her beauty, or her personality and nature; don’t be too shy or afraid to hand in a compliment or two to her. Be genuine though and don’t fake it. This way she’ll appreciate the fact that she’s appreciated by the guy who likes her.

‘Will Always Be There For You…’ If you were to be on the receiving end of this statement, and we guess you might as well have been a few times, you’d be on the seventh heaven. What more could you ask from a person who promised to be there for you at all the times, good and bad? Similarly, to the girl you like, the statement ‘I will be there for you always…’ and keeping to the promises that come with it will make her feel exactly the same. After all, you do like her, and if she knows you do and have promised to stick to her side, it will be an assuring feeling that she won’t be left alone no matter what.

‘When I Hug You, I Feel I Don’t Need Anyone Else…’ This may prove a little to be on the extreme end and you may have to hold it in until you both feel you are there and have hugged her a few times over: when she needed you and you needed her. The next time there’s a situation that demands you to hug her; hug her gently and tell her that you feel safe with her and that no one else could make you feel the same. She’d love the feeling being needed and appreciated for all that she did. It’s like saying ‘thank you’ in a more polished way.

‘Wow, How Much Weight Did You Put On?’ Especially when she hasn’t! Too much sugar can spoil the sweet! Bear in mind that you only like her, and if you don’t want things to get too mushy-mushy until you are ready then make room for some harmless teasing. Harmless: in the sense that she enjoys being teased but pretends otherwise. It’s all a part of a vigorous bond between a girl and a guy. Making jokes on similar terms that will keep you both amused and it will be fun to be together. It will also make her feel that you aren’t always to sweep her off her feet and are providing her enough room to breathe and allowing for the relationship to grow at its own pace.

While this is just a gist to it; it will help you say the right things to her at appropriate times. Just remember to act not as if she’s completely yours. Make it feel more casual and relaxed and it will all be good!