First Date Mistakes & Blunders

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First Date Mistakes & Blunders

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What we have in store for you will only count as a mistake if it is your first first date; but if it’s not, then the same criteria will move on to a whole other dimension, known as a crime. A heinous heinous crime! A first date is very much like an interview being conducted by the company in which you have applied for a job, minus the formality and double the fun. Still, all it takes is one act that will ruin the first date with your date. This/these act(s), better known as “mistakes one should not commit on first dates”, are instrumental in endowing on the person with an unbreakable dating code, which, ironically, was the easiest to learn in the first place. Remember, the concept of time machine is still a fantasy; you won’t be able to go back and correct them, but you can learn from the mistakes you, or others, committed on their first first date. Continue reading to know about what mistakes you need to stay away from while on your first date.

Common First Date Blunders

Late Arrival Some people think of it as a deliberate ploy – to arrive late on the first date in order to not come off as too needy or overly involved. But it has remained, throughout the history of dating, a mistake, and is considered a rude gesture on the part of a person who couldn’t arrive on time. So avoid doing it deliberately, and try, to the best of your efforts, to arrive on time for your first date.

Not Dressing To The Occasion The setting matters, when dressing up for the date. There’s no point in coming to date at a sporting event in a suit and boots or heels for that matter, or coming to a fancy restaurant in track pants, or in short – dressing too much or less to the occasion. Wear what’s appropriate and dress up to your comfort. At the end of it, it’s only going to be about you.

Controversial Conversations Give it a break; after all it’s only your first date. It’s one of the common mistakes that people commit while on their first date. They get into a conversation on controversial topics, about which your date may feel differently. You both have agreed to a date to know the person better, not to start a group discussion that may start with one issue, but may end at totally another, thereby ruining your first date altogether.

Opening Up You can’t be at the reserve mode either and will have to open up. But there is a fine line between spilling your guts out and just being on a natural mode, albeit in concealed way. If you do open up 100%, you run the risk of painful further dates in future or no dates at all. Like a layered onion, manifest yourself: qualities, opinions, concerns, etc. one by one and in an intriguing manner. And absolutely, keep your personal problems bottled up inside.

Checking out Other People It’s an absolute no no! And, it’s the worst thing that you can do to put off your date. Keep your attention towards your date even if a smarter or more attractive looking person passes by, serves you food, or is sitting across the table from you. Try your best not to let your attention stray away from your date, and give him/her your hundred percent.

Texting It’s almost the same as checking out other people, which means your date is going to get an impression that you are not at all interested in him/her and are there, just because you agreed to it in the first place and now want to get over with it. Show some respect to your date by totally giving him/her unadulterated attention.

Being A Flatterer Don’t be one! As it’s your first date, it’s understandable that it might be in your mind to come off as an enjoyable guy/girl to hang out with. But, you aren’t going to pull it off by simply laughing at everything that is intended to be funny, but is actually not, or by agreeing to every little opinion he/she has made evident. With a gentle smile nod it off, and laugh only if the joke is funny.

Ex-Bashing Doesn’t matter who asked for the date, and who said yes to it. Point being, you both agreed for a date, and that means an unconditional agreement to spend the time with each other. In direct words, it means not bashing your ex to gain sympathy/empathy from your date or for any other reason. Avoid!

The rules of dating, although unwritten, are screaming at the top of their voices and pleading not to turn them into mistakes. If kept well, you too can be a part of a beautiful evening with your date; a pleasant… mistake free… date… which will definitely secure the next few dates for you. Have a good one!

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