Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

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Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

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‘Marriage’, a manifestation of several enthusiastic and bouncing feelings, is one of the most beautiful and delicate relationships. You spend several thousand of nights dreaming about that charming soul by your side to complete you. When you go outside with your partner, people compliment you as ‘the perfect couple!’ and the two of you blush. Doesn’t that make you fall in love with yourself, and your life? You wonder how that special person came in your life and suddenly the meaning of your life changed. Lucky are those who experience the same feeling throughout their married life, but then, luck is not that cordial with everyone. There are couples who carry a miserable married life only because of social taboos and family bondages or sometimes because of their own guilt. Many a times, reasons for this wretchedness are not apparent as may be reflected from far away. However, the most common reason associated with almost all the reasons for unhappy marriages is either expecting too much or serving the other person beyond expectations, overlooking one’s inner self. Whatever may be the reason, there are some common signals which partners exhibit indicating their despondency in the relationship. Next section of this article describes several signs of an unhappy marriage.

Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

Body Language Body language is the key, remember! When the tiniest part of his/her body language reflects negative vibes when the two of you are alone, s/he is trying to ignore you. When he/she finds it most difficult to make eye contact with you whereas he/she remains lively and zealous with others, it is indicative of the things going in the wrong direction.

Communication Gap It is seen that couples don’t communicate much when they are disinterested in each other. They do not find it easy as well as necessary to discuss their personal issues and ignore to talk about funny things they experience, and as they come home, they become mournful. Do the two of you remain tongue-tied, leading to graveyard silence? How often does it happen when you do not find matters to talk about? If it happens very frequently, believe it, you need to work it out before it’s too late.

Emotional Distance This is one of the alarming situations and one need to deal with it very cautiously. When the couple who used to be each other’s strength, who provided shoulder to each other in all the difficult situations, fail to connect with each other’s emotions, it is another sign of an unhappy marriage.

Lack of Quality Time In today’s busy world, when both partners strive to earn in order to make living possible, there may be times when you need to co-operate with busy schedule of your partner. However, if it takes form of a habit and you become victim of his/her constant disinclination, you need to look ahead to fix the scratches before the ship of love begins to sink.

Frequent Intake Of Alcohol And Drugs When people do not find emotional contentment in their relationship, they seek it in alcohol and drugs. Most of the people use sleeping pills very frequently in order to get sound sleep during nights. Their intake leads to a significant level of distance between pairs which subsequently results into clashes and disharmony between the two of them.

Carelessness For The Counterpart Care and affection between the partners nourish the relationship significantly. When you first enter into a relationship by your own wish or as per your parents wish, the syndrome of care sows seeds of true love and long-cherished relationship. When the partners begin to care less for feelings and comfort of each other, there is something problematic.

Trying To Avoid Physical Intimacy Inadvertent touches, surprise hugs and passionate kisses make a marriage lively. Once these things are out of life, a couple finds the life monotonous and useless. There are people who do not want to make love and it happens for weeks, sometimes for months when they keep themselves physically distant. The basic reason for this distance is that couple do not find emotional attachment and so refrain themselves from such acts. If such a thing is happening with you and that too, on almost regular basis, start thinking about the ways to get your relationship back.

Recurrent Arguments None of the couple stays together without fights and arguments. A bunch of teasing and fighting nurtures the relationship, undoubtedly. But, when it comes to frequent fights and arguments, the situation worsens. These recurrent arguments show unwillingness of couples to accept and/or view thing through other’s point of view. People, who earlier understood each other very easily, when find arguments as a part of their daily life, then it’s not a very good sign for the relationship.

Comparisons and Unappreciation There are situations when people underestimate the worth of their partners and compare their deeds with their own deeds. They expect more and give less, which in turn generates a feeling of irritation in their partner. They overlook how much their partners contribute to the relationship and focus only on their own contribution. Such a nature leads to misunderstanding, further weakening the bond of marriage life. If you feel there are things going worse, it’s high time to take back the earlier position.

Hope the article brought some unique points to your notice. Catch the signals and start working on fixing the issues with your partner. Good Luck!

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