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does she like me signs

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It’s easier to interpret the symbolic messages that flash on your monitor when a UFO passes over your head than to decode, whether or not, a girl likes you. It only seems, mind you! The translation is written all over the species, womankind that is. You just have to fine tune your own sensory receptors to make sense of what those messages mean. It will help you, and will probably save your ego from getting hurt if any were to turn you down. This technique of reading between the lines will help you know whether or not a girl likes you, so that when you finally approach her, you’ll know what you are up against. The indirect and often mysterious nature, of which mankind have become so troubled, will no longer be a concern. Read through the following sections to know about what signs to watch out for to know if she likes you. 

Signs She Likes You 

    • Is she like a moth to a flame? Yes, you are the flame. You can definitely take it as a sign that she likes you when she shows up almost everywhere you go. By accident of course! It can be a coincidence too, but the chances are bare minimum. If you like her too, then the next time she bumps into you, don’t let the opportunity out of your hand and ask her out.
    • If you both are an acquaintance, colleague, or friends who meet often, then her eyes will definitely give you a hint. If she is interested then there will be a good deal of eye contact and that too for longer than normal duration. On the other hand, if she avoids an eye to eye contact, then you may move on and check out some other girl’s eyes.
    • Her shoulders too, will let you know what her words can’t. If they are pointed at you whenever you two converse, she’s definitely interested in you. On top of that, she will be leaning towards you while talking, constantly tossing her hair and fiddling with them, and often mirroring your body movements (consciously or subconsciously).
    • Think about how good of a hoot you are. Do your friends laugh at your jokes too often or do they mock you for being a witless chum? Now try to notice how much she laughs at your remarks. Test the waters and willingly tell a bland joke. See what her reaction is. She’s definitely into you if she’s rolling off the floor, so to speak.
    • As far as your asking-girls-out experience is concerned, you may have been turned down on several occasions like “no, sorry, have other plans”, “no, not that day I have an important meeting”, and the likes. But when a girl never has any plans whatsoever, and is willing to hang out with even if other of your friends are present; she is definitely into you. Take it as a sign!
    • If you feel questions, from the girl, flying towards you like bullets in slow-motion then the girl likes you. You may not like the assault consistently being played out on you but she likes you. Take it as a sign that she wants to know you better and has better things to do than throw questions, like grenades, at people. You are an exception, because she is probably smitten by you.
    • Another sign that gives away a girl as being smitten is how different her behaviour is when she is with you and when she is with others. Around you she may be all jumpy and edgy but around others she’d be completely in her own. You may not have noticed it, that’s all. Try to observe if she’s actually a scaredy cat or you make her so.
    • Last but not the least, test the waters once again as to how turbulent they are. Jealousy is one of the top reasons that bothers a female when she’s head over heels. Notice, when you talk to other women in front of her, if her expressions start to flinch a little, or more. If they do, it’s only because she wants to be with you and doesn’t like any competition in her vicinity.

These signs, even though, are mere crust of the core, will help you be sure, more than you have ever been. Go on, put them into practice and see for yourself.

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