How To Tell Whether A Man Likes You

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How To Tell Whether A Man Likes You

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You have a gut feeling that there is a guy in your class who seems to have a soft corner for you, but the answer is taking almost all your time to find that out. You have the least clues about the validity of your intuitions. You can be sure, only if you are a keen observer otherwise you can directly ask the question to him. The latter option is quite illogical as it will be quite embarrassing for you and him too, and there are possibilities that he might refuse it, if he is shy. There is a possibility that he might be romantically interested in you, but he might be too shy to convey his feelings. In such a case, this article comes in handy as it tells you about a number of signals which will help you in identifying whether he really likes you.

Body Language Look for the signs, like at times when you are sitting together, he will try to position his shoulders towards you and it is a psychological fact that the feet of a person always point towards the person or thing of his interest. Look out for other such facts; like you will find him staring at your face and lost in his thoughts, he will be smiling all to himself.

Let His Eyes Speak His eyes will speak out his feelings for you. The way he looks at you reveals a lot. If you catch him staring at you a number of times and if he shy away when you meet his gaze, then you can be sure about his interest in you. Eye contacts make him a little uncomfortable and restless, which is easily noticeable from his demeanour.

Touch Me Not Guys generally avoid touch, so, if you see that he touches you with or—even at times—without reason then surely he is interested in you at some level. This becomes apparent if he repeats these gestures quite often, like touching your hand while laughing, touching your cheek, stroking your hair etc.

Me Too This is a syndrome which a guy goes through when in love with a girl. Meaning, he will try to show interest in things that you like and do. For e.g., if you like a particular genre of music, he will appreciate it and say that he too likes the same kind of music. If you like skiing then probably he will call himself a die hard winter Olympic fan. He will become the fan of your favourite show and subscriber of your favourite car’s magazine. He will do almost anything to show that his interests are similar to yours.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Observe the reactions of his friends when he is around you. Yes, this is important because guys generally share their love for a girl with their peer group. So, his peers will surely behave in a different manner when you are around. Notice these signs: smiles on your arrival, calling the name of the guy when you are around, smirking and giggling like girls (Yes, they do).

Mimic It is a psychological quality of man to imitate and mirror a person in order to get approval. Notice that if a person likes you then his body language will mirror yours. If you are sitting with your hands on the table then he will do the same, if you are yawning, he will yawn almost simultaneously etc. This kind of activity is not planted intentionally but happens almost unconsciously.

Hitting or Smacking Lightly A playful punch on your shoulder or a light smack on the back of your head can at times be taken to be a part of laws of attraction. It is a way of flirting for certain guys. You may find it annoying especially when you are not much into the guy. But if you really like this guy then do the same because it reveals your love for him.

Cute Name He will give you a cute nick name regardless of the physical traits. This happens because we tend to keep sweet spots in our heart reserved for people we really like. It is even possible hat he has a nick name decided for you and you don’t even know it yet.

These are a few signs which help you know if a guy really likes you. But, keep in mind to make your move only after you are sure about his feelings. For this, you can keep any of the above mentioned tips as standards. Keep in mind that finally it is you who has to make a judgement.

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