How To Make A Woman Happy

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How To Make A Woman Happy

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Woman… Is the divine object, violated, endlessly sacrificed yet always reborn, whose only joy, achieved through a subtle interplay of images, lies in contemplation of herself. - Pauline Réage

Amazingly, you will find even the plainest guys having one or more jokes about women. If women are so unbearable, why each one of the same guys wants to woo them, caress them and dream of going a long way with them? Probably because they really need someone to hold, get unconditional love and to be emotionally shielded against the cold and harsh outer world. However much they may laugh at feminism, at the end of the day, each one of them needs a woman by their side. From teasing to making love, every moment a guy spends with her is worth reliving again and again. Though she never demanded anything and wanted to live with him unconditionally, he would do anything from plucking a flower from nearby garden to buying the costliest of gifts for her, just to make her happy. A small effort with a sweet smile by his side would do the entire task, eventually making her fall in love with him for another time. Well, if making your woman happy delights you, the article is for you. Continue reading to know the secrets of making your woman happy.

Reassure Her Many guys think they don’t need to utter that silly love jargon to show ‘I Love You’ to their partner. Wrong! Whatever may be the time the two of you have spent together, you need to reassure her that she is still loved and will always be whatever may be the age, time and situation. This reassurance works as a stimulator and brings an everlasting genuine smile on her face.

Security Is A Must! When you come across the word ‘security’, what comes to your mind first? Definitely, monetary security! To some extent that is needed when you take the perspective of long term relation with the girl you are interested in. But it’s not only about financial stability; she requires emotional security as well. She would commend the relation throughout her life when you provide her assurance in the emotionally weak moments and that she can rest on your shoulder when she feels secluded and insecure.

Give Space Caring is good but being excessively possessive has a reverse effect on people. Give her adequate space. A long term relationship stands firmly on the grounds of trust and space. As you have your friends, family and varying opinions, so does she. Respect her thinking and let her open her wings in the sky. She would love you even more and will stay with you happily. 

Understand Her How much time have you spent with your friends, talking about woman declaring them as ‘non-understandable creatures of Earth’? Surely, a lot of times, yes? Now the question arises: did you try to understand her a few times? There lays another secret to make her happy. Understand her. She is not that complex species, just accept as she is. She want few words of acceptance and appreciation from you, can’t you give that much to the woman you love most in the world?

Remember The Pains She Bore For You Take a moment to think about your woman. She gets up early for her studies or office and has busy routine throughout the day. Still, she somehow manages to give you some time. She talks to you, makes an extra effort to make you happy in her very own and unique ways. In your relationship, there may have been times when you had a bad temper and she tolerated it without complaining. She did all, from minute to biggest things she could do to make you, her special guy, happy. Take a small step by revering her deeds and make her feel best to have you.

Be Yourself Do not pretend to be what you are not in real terms. This is a principle which you need to follow from the first day you met her till the time the two of you remain together. Having no relationship is better than the relationship with false representation.   Present the real self of yours without being conscious about how she will perceive you. She will admire you most for this quality and will appreciate you as it would reflect your confidence and contentment you have with yourself.

Listen To Her Not always she wants a suggestion from you. Sometimes, only listening is what is expected from you. Throughout the day she goes through a number of experiences. She trusts you and that’s why she picked you from the masses to share what she feels about things all around. If you seem unwilling to listen to what she has in her mind, you are actually rejecting the place she has reserved for you in her life. Make her happy by listening to her feelings and revering her emotions.

Communicate Your Feelings When she has opened herself to you as an open book, she wants a return book of your feelings and thoughts. When you share your life, including the events which touched and/or hurt you, it shows the level of comfort you share with her. It also suggests that you really trust her and are not merely articulating it. So, you are on the right track. Got the way to please your woman? Go for it and make her happy forever.

Appreciate Her Appreciation makes a woman happy, crazy (in a good way and for you) and delighted. Appreciate her whenever you find scope for it. The minute things you appreciate would make her fall in love again and again. It would silently indicate to her that she is important and that you notice even the tiniest details about her.

Proceed Unhurriedly For Sex This is a platform where most of us treat girls mistakenly. She would rarely be looking for sex all the times when you cuddle her, hug or kiss her. For her, it is a way of expression of love and not necessarily means initiation of sex. She would repel if you want to have sex each time you meet her privately. Reversely, she would respect you when you understand her pace of making love. When you assure her that it is not only sex you want from her, she would be all yours forever.

Making a woman happy is not about presenting her stars of sky. It just needs a bunch of understanding, care and trust.

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