What Do Men Find Sexy In Women

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What Do Men Find Sexy

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Man, one of the finest gifts of almighty, is embraced with strength, bravery, gentleness, and decency. This special creation has natural power to tempt his female counterparts to a great extent. Have you ever wondered what makes a man crazy? What is that element in the personality of a woman that drives him? What is that minute obsession because of which he spends sleepless nights? Don’t you think there is a lot more to dig? Yes, you are right! Men are men, and they are supposed to remain the same in coming years. When you think about the guy of your dreams, don’t you feel that you need to make an extra effort to get him right there in your life? The craving for him controls you and directs you to go an extra mile to please him and to woo him. Still are you confused as to how to make him desperate to ‘get you’ instead of merely ‘liking you’? The next sub-section will unveil what do men find sexy in women.

What Do Men Find Sexy In Women

Appearance It is not about you having the most gorgeous face on earth but about the way you present yourself. What matters most is how you carry yourself. Be sophisticated, elegant and sober, and see your man calling you ‘irresistibly beautiful’. But remember not to pretend what you are actually not; let your sex appeal flow naturally from within and don’t bother much about it. Just charge yourself with liveliness and zeal and the world would call you the sexiest.

No Make Up No man wants his partner to be a fancy doll dwelling in imagination. Get rid of the piles of make up and reflect your true self with very light makeup or a makeup-free face. It’s your natural beauty combined with your genuine and unique self that will make you most sexy. You will be amazed to experience the wonders it does!

Gentle Confidence Confidence is the key in every situation, be it getting selected in an interview or winning your man. It will silently convey that you are calm, composed and not needy about your man. The man would be turned on by your confidence.

Attitude Really Counts! Your attitude and outlook towards the outer world speaks a lot about you. The way you behave in public places, deal with people around you and remain contented with yourself helps men judge you to a great extent. Remember, shouting is something that really turns off a man while a genuine smile with a big heart stimulates him significantly.

Intellect The element of intelligence, wrapped in good sense of humour and sensibility makes you all complete for the man you are looking for. Make him crazy by exposing your intellect. At the same time, crack a situational joke flowing spontaneously with the motion. He would end up declaring you the sexiest of all ladies he has ever been with or around.

Your Perception About Yourself Matters! A thin line of demarcation, differentiating a matured human being from a juvenile, lies in the way you see yourself. If you feel sexy from within, it would reflect in your body language, and would make everyone believe in you being sexy, including the man of your dreams. Just give a shift to your own perception from a ‘next-door’ girl to the ‘sexiest’ girl.

Spending Time With Kids Men really find it sexy when they see you cuddling, caring and playing with kids. It portrays an image of yours as a calm, patient and caring lady. It also helps them assess whether you fit in as their long-term partner or not.

Reflect A Combination Of Traits Above-mentioned traits are the most effective ones, but not individually. You need to use an apt combination of them to woo your man. As per the personality of your guy, pick few of them, or all. But, one thing is sure: smile, humour and a little exposure is always welcomed.

As men vary in their choice and preference, so is the way to reach their heart. Find yours and let him find the sexiest of the lady in you.

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