How To Seduce A Woman

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How to seduce a woman

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Women are not an easy target when it comes to seduction. Their sixth sense kicks in as soon as men think of it and before they can even utter or do a single thing about it, they are out of it. Women are hard to win over and it requires lot of patience and love to reach that point in a relationship. It isn’t always tips and tricks that serve the purpose; in the long run, you need to win over their faith and maintain it till the end. They may seem hard to get but are actually very emotional and child like. Just keep your intentions clean and clear for them and treat them like a princess. When they have loosened up in your presence and feel utterly comfortable in your company, they will come around themselves. Just keep away from pressurizing or becoming desperate as it is a very big turn-off for women; play it safe. Read the following section to impress a woman and make her fall for your skills.

Seducing A Woman

Hygiene Personal hygiene goes a long way in impressing a woman. Women helplessly fall for a man who is clean and tidy. Keep your feet, hands and nails as clean as possible. Also, shave regularly; women like men who are clean without any stubble and beard. It is the look of the century.

Smelling Good It is found that women are attracted to men who smell really good. Thus, invest in good perfumes and deodorants. The better you smell the better are the chances of a woman falling for you. Good smell leaves a long lasting impression and will keep your woman puzzled as to how her man smells so nice. But don’t go for a stronger perfume, instead, get a lasting one.

Debonair A woman goes weak in her knees if encountered with 1990s English gentlemen. Be gentle and a man towards your woman. Treat her like you would treat your daughter (doesn’t mean adopt her or make her your daughter). Provide her with security—emotional, financial and worldly—and a protective environment. Make her feel like she can’t be in a safer place other than being with you. Believe it; this is going to earn you her confidence and some brownie points as well.

Don’t Touch You can hold her hands but don’t touch her unnecessarily. Men who get too touchy make into the bad books of at woman. Make her feel that your love is pure and strong enough. First make it easy for her to be with you alone and if she allows then you can hug her. But let her make the first move as this will make you look more suave.

Understand And Respond It’s the next step; you have to take. Can’t just rely on the above and feel safe. A man’s sensuality multiplies a thousand times when a woman feels he doesn’t possess an attention span of a baby. Understand her internal conflicts, shyness and problems and help her to overcome them. Don’t just lend an ear but allow the information to get inside your brain to be processed. Make her feel normal, get her out of her timid feelings and make her a stronger person.

No Dirty Habits Limit or cease drinking and smoking. Women hate it when men smell of cigarettes and keep falling everywhere after drinking. These habits make them lose interest in you and make you appear like a drunkard. Be sober in front of her but don’t hide the fact that you don’t drink or smoke. After all who like liars?

Respect Others Don’t behave like a lecher. When you have a woman you’re trying to seduce to win her over, don’t ogle at other women. Give your woman the respect she deserves. Apart from that, give respect to elderly and other women. Women are bonkers over men who are so committed to them and want no other woman. Don’t insult anybody or condescend someone in front of her and she will be going gaga for you.

Dependent On You By pursuing the above steps you have made the woman dependent on you. She has nowhere else to go but be with you. Don’t worry, she won’t cling to you but refer to you all the time for even the smallest of things. And so you need to give her time and support that she needs.

Every woman wishes for such a man and if you follow these seduction tips, be sure that your woman is not leaving you anytime soon. This might sound too much of a work, and boring one at that, but this actually is the way to seduce a woman and make her forever yours.

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