How To Heal A Broken Heart

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How To Heal A Broken Heart

Breakup starts with a shock and disbelief, and ends with deep pain and grief. It is like a hole has been punched through your heart. It starts to paralyze you as you start to think ‘time never heals, it stings you twice everyday’. But that is far from reality, otherwise there wouldn’t have been love in this world. Breaking up with someone you love sounds cruel and the pain it brings with itself is even more unbearable. But, if looked at positively, it means that something better and greater is waiting for you. This is a very passé saying but is true ‘if it was true love, it will return back.’ But this doesn’t mean you have to keep waiting all your life for it and keep nudging your head into the wall. Come on, you can still rule the roost so pull your socks up and hit the bar or mall. After all, the person you broke up with might be doing the same thing in order to move on. There are whole lot of opportunities (read men/women) waiting to be just charmed by you and may be wandering here and there to meet a guy/girl, exactly like you. Read the following article on how to get over a broken relationship.

Cry Out Loud Cry your heart out. It does help. And it is the best medicine anyone can have for a broken heart. Cry as much as you can, you feel will the hole in your heart filling up again as all the bottled up emotions start to flow out; it will let out all the pain and grief you are feeling. But it doesn’t mean you have to make the world know that you have broken-up. Share it with your friends; let them be your cushion.

Happiness Is Within You Ask yourself why do you need that person to make you feel happy and worthwhile? Weren’t you happy when he/she wasn’t there? Didn’t you have a life then? Why to give this person so much importance then? You are your own person and can enjoy your life because happiness is right in your heart.

Buy A Pet The most amazing thing about a pet is that it loves you no matter what. Even if you scold them, they will still come back to you for love. They can’t cheat on you and are always loyal to you. Taking care of the pet will mend your heart subconsciously, and you wouldn’t even realize when you got over your heartache. A dog, cat or any other pet that you wish to have will take your mind off from the breakup and you would not be able to even notice when it happened.

Make-Over Get a new hairstyle that will give you a new look. Go on a shopping binge and fill up your wardrobe with new clothes. Do everything that your boyfriend or girlfriend never let you do or you didn’t do to keep your partner happy! This will bring out the rebellion in you and a feeling that you too can hit back at him/her. Catharsis, to be precise, will be attained. Also, it will bring back some attention from the opposite sex.

Single Life Is Life Remember how it used to be when you were single? You had no restrictions, nobody to answer to. A free soul, you were. Bring back into your mind all those times and feel free. You now have time to go out with your friends and do all the crazy things that you used to do. You can party till late night, go for movies, check out girls or boys, and go on a road trip. There’s just so much. It will keep your mind off and will facilitate healing.

Introduce Goal Do things that you set aside during your relationship to be done later because you didn’t have time then. Dream a goal, decide a path for it and follow religiously. This will take your breakup out of focus. No matter how tiny the goal is, take it to its due destination. Once you have achieved your set goal, you will be rejoicing in its attainment and the thought of breakup will have been long gone.

Remember, no matter what others say; only you have the power to heal yourself. This is so because the outsiders can only offer you their advice and presence. Only you can sew your heart together. So, take your time to heal and mend your heart. Don’t be scared to date again because until and unless you fail, you can never taste victory. So falling in and out of love is a process that ultimately takes you to your perfect person. And when you find one, you realize that those were trivial relationships and don’t matter now.