Getting Over A Heartbreak

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getting over a heartbreak

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“It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Do you consider it as an apt statement? Probably many of us do. These lines could have been said by someone who never fell in love or at least never had heartbreak; otherwise he wouldn’t have said the above lines. Losing someone you loved is one of the worst things you can expect from life. But, looking at it from a different perspective and getting over the relationship is the only thing which helps you move on in life. This way you are able to see beyond the person you were in love with. It offers you a completely different horizon, at times a much wider one. So, quit sobbing, though we know it is easier said than done, but you have to get over that person. Get back on your feet and shake yourself out of this gloomy mood, as it’s going to do no good to you. Still, if you want some help, here we are with few tips you might need getting over this phase.

Getting Over A Heartbreak

Get Positive Get Going Get a positive attitude toward life as destructive thoughts won’t get you out of this. Instead, these will keep you stuck at one place. But to get this out of your system it is necessary to mull over it for one last time. Do that, but try to be within the limit; don’t overwhelm yourself with it. Consider the reasons of your breakup and try being sensible towards them. If the reason of your breakup was his/her incessant abusive behaviour then it was right to move out. It is never too soon or too late to make a right decision.

Bury Those Corpses You are trying to move on but your ex has decided that you should remain friends and this is bugging you, though you don’t want to be rude. You are not sure how will you manage this, as it will be quite difficult for you to manage if your ex keeps on lingering around. You need to keep your own space and you definitely don’t want your ex to remain poking into your affairs. So be direct and let him/her know that you are not ready for such a relationship. It seems a drag to keep an ex around.

Don’t Lose Your Grip At such times it is but natural to feel weak and vulnerable. You feel messed up, and lose interest in everything. Always remind yourself that you are a unique individual who made some wrong choices, but you also had the guts to accept the mistakes and mend it. You can obviously deny the facts but acceptance is the key to moving forward.

Get Over With the Cursing It is also a normal phase of a heartbreak where you curse and swear on your ex. You need to vent out that rage and anger which is boiling within you. There will be a number of thoughts which will browse through your mind during this period and most of those will be destructive. But, it will be wise on your part if you are able to come out of this phase as soon as possible, as more you will ponder upon this more you will hurt yourself.

Talk Your Heart Out Talk to a friend or some close relative whom you trust. Try to discuss the things with them, how it happened and what the underlying reason for the breakup was. This is one of the oldest textbook therapies to get over an emotional breakdown. This helps you see that you are a worthwhile persona and it will really be easy for you to move on. It becomes easy to believe a trustworthy person and thus it automatically boosts up your morale.

Jot it Down Another therapy which you can try is writing down your feelings. This is an occupational therapy which does help you to get over heartbreak and it also gives you insights almost from no where. Try not to edit while writing, let it be raw and when going through for the second time, you will come across a number of facts which will float to the surface. The patterns will become vivid and you will be clearly able to make sense out of the mess, thus, giving yourself an inspiration to move on.

Remove Memory Triggers Discard all the gifts which your ex gave you. Either throw them or give them to someone else. Try not to go to places which you used to visit with your ex frequently. Thus vacuum out all those things from your life which remind you of your ex. Though this seems difficult, but it is quite an effective method to get him/her out of your head.

You were into a relationship that means that you have enough chances to fall back into another again. So, instead of sitting on your hind, get out and get going. There are other fishes in the pond too.

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  1. Hector says:

    She told me how much she loved me and how no other guy could ever compare, I logegd off of AIM so I couldn’t constantly talk to her. Now I’m sure she’s thinking about me constantly, even with the other guy. Just don’t do it if you don’t mean it. You really do need to work on yourself and gain self-respect before the relationship can even work. Don’t sit around, go out to eat, go for a drive, goto the gym, talk to your friends, play games w/ friends, don’t dwell on it and get drunk it wont work.