Signs She Is Flirting With You

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signs she is flirting with you

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Flirting is as essential as it is puzzling. It is very difficult to decipher what these signals mean that the girl has been sending you, especially when you don’t know her.  Sometimes, these signals may mean that she just wants to be friends or maybe she is just not sending direction for you altogether. But do not underestimate yourself just yet. Remember, the girl who is sending you signals, wants you to understand them as much as you want those signals to be for you. Sometimes there can be mixed signals from the girl that can make an already puzzled situation even more confusing. A girl may not make eye contact at all, don’t take it as girl is shy. If she blocks her arms and feet while talking to you then it is a serious sign that she is not interested. This is just the gist of it. So, pull up your socks to make sense what they mean. If you want to know for sure that those signs are for you and that the girl is interested in you, then keep reading through the page.

Signs She Is Flirting With You

Smile If this girl passes smile every now and then, you can be sure that the girl is developing feelings for you. Girls do not pass smile so easily to every guy other than the man she is interested in. So, feel blessed that this girl is showering you with smiles.

She Trespasses You If the girl passes by you intentionally, every time, then it is a signal to look out for. She is trying to grab your attention and get your notice by walking past you over and over again. Suddenly, if she is everywhere you are, subtly, often visits your social profile and you constantly feel her presence then this means that the girl is going bonkers without you.

Giving You Isolation Girls never leave their bunch of friends. Notice if she is all of a sudden leaving her pack of friends and moving alone. Then it signifies that the girl is breaking out of her cocoon and making way for you to ask her out.

She Is You Yes, this signal indicates that she behaves like you. She likes what you like and hates what you loathe. If her mannerisms have become a replica of your behaviour then it means the girl is trying to become your type of girl. This effort proves that she is very much into you.

Subtle Signs Observe for subtle signs like if she tries to find silliest reasons to talk to you, she gushes when you check her out and makes a continuous eye contact yet flutter her eyes when you talk to her. Suddenly her cheeks turn red when you pass a smile at her and she twirls her hair while talking to you. These signs are a sure shot way to know that girl is into you and waiting for you.

Jealousy Do you notice her getting envious when you talk to other females, and tries to distract you or questioning you about them? This is the wild side of girls; they can’t share what they love. She can’t get more obvious than this. So, gear up and ask her out.

She Talks Of Future It is second nature of girls to think of a future together with the guy they like. If while talking to you she says ‘you like this thing too, we can do this sometime’ then it means she is seeing a potential partner in you.

Your Advice Matters If this girl asks for your opinion on almost everything, it is a sign that you mean a lot more than she pretends. A girl takes views from people who mean a lot to her. Therefore, the girl is finding you important and you should definitely make a move.

Praises You She compliments you in front of everyone and personally too. Do you notice her telling you how great you look, how this colour suits you or how she loves this and that about you, then she is surely smitten by you. Don’t make her wait anymore lest she waves you goodbye.

She Touches You She touches your knee while making a point during a conversation or keeps her hand on your hand while showing care. She may react in an even more subtle way by just touching her knee to your knee. If she makes the first skin contact then it means that the girl trusts you and wants you too.

All these are are sure signs of a woman interested in you but don’t just rely on one sign. Be a keen observer and wait a little more for other signs to appear. Do ask your reliable sources to get even surer, and then plan beautiful first date with her.

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