Getting Over A Broken Romance

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Getting Over A Broken Romance

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We all wish there could be a medicine or treatment for a broken heart; a stitch that could sew a broken heart back together. The truth is ‘it is easier to fall in love than to know that your partner has fallen out of love with you’. And even more difficult is to accept the fact that it has happened to you. However, you are not the only one to whom this has happened; fact is, there are lots of people who go through this process every day, while breaking up with someone. So, don’t detach yourself from everybody and hide behind the walls. Sure, it is torturous to go through a broken romance because it becomes so difficult to block those good times memories from your mind and move on with it. Read this article to find out how to get over a broken romance.

Getting Over A Broken Romance

Love Yourself He/she was important but not that much that you have to beat yourself up for them. Remind yourself that before loving everybody else, you are supposed to love yourself. Loving yourself will boost up your confidence and you will feel your heart repairing itself. If you like yourself you will be less prone to blaming yourself for the breakup.

Pamper Yourself Buy new clothes; change your hairstyle into something funkier and new. Take a vacation and go to the place you had been planning to explore with your family members. Splurge the money you have been saving from a long time. Try to enjoy to the fullest. It is also another way to love yourself.

Free Yourself We are in a habit of making an imaginary perfect box and in it, we store all the feelings and future pictures when we commit into a relation. It contains an idealized and rigid shape of this relationship’s future that we refuse to forget when we break up. And this is also the reason why we feel so much of pain. Therefore, free yourself of these faux memories and move on. As soon as you will forget you will be at peace with yourself.

Visit Your Friends Meet your friends that you have not seen since a very long time. Catch up on them; know what they have been up to these days. What new adventures they are doing to make their lives enjoyable and interesting. Go out with them. Discuss about your breakup with them; friends are natural healers when it comes to this.

Value Yourself Instead of blaming yourself for everything, start valuing yourself. It is only who you can bring happiness back in your life. It is not only your fault that the relationship broke, neither are you responsible for it. May be there were irreconcilable differences that couldn’t be compromised with or some other factors that the relationship didn’t last. Remember, there was a time when he/she wasn’t in your life and at that time you used to function normally.

Stop Following Them It is not fine to be too inquisitive about him/her. Don’t follow them on social networking sites and see what they are doing every second. Let him/her go. Don’t inquire about them with your common friends or anybody. Forget them and leave them forever. They were never meant to be yours.

Hobby Classes What is your favourite time pass? You can join a painting class, music class, singing class; learn different types of dances. You can even write down your feelings in the form of poems or story. Join a hobby class that will divert your focus and will not leave you with any time to think about him/her.

Adventure Sports This is especially for guys. Your bike was your first love until you met her. It might have rusted by now, so, clean it. Take it out with your friends and go for biking. The speed will take out all the anger and aggression from your head (drive safe though). But be careful while you are biking as you can hurt others and yourself. Bike in an area where there is no traffic and no one to be hurt. You can also go for sky-diving or bungee jumping or many other adventure sports that are there to choose from. These sports will get your adrenal pumping and will make your grief go away. You will feel more alive than you have ever felt.

Socialize Don’t lock yourself inside your room. Go to bars, malls, parks, museums, or other places where there is a chance to socialize. The chances are high that you might meet someone new and maybe you were destined to be with this new person. If it doesn’t work then you might make new acquaintances who might know some other people.

If world was to end with the end of your relationship, there wouldn’t have been so many available people. Gather yourself and collect your confidence, you still have the chance to find someone for yourself with whom you can get old and have children.

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  1. Gianni says:

    I know how you feel, me and my girl broke up because she was ayawls doing fishy things. And I know material things aren’t everything but I’ve spent so much time and money into the house, which is hers but we ayawls split the bills, so now its like someone else is gonna be enjoyinbg what I’ve worked for.To answer your question, Its hard for me everyday, but I just try to keep thinking that I am worth getting treated better then the way she treated me. I know how I loved and cared for her and would never do the things that she did to me. So there just has to be someone else out there for me. Before I met her I ayawls wondered if I would love anyone, and she came along, so if I’m single its gotta be bound to happen again, right?Hope I helped or at least let you see that your not the only one that this happens to.

  2. Raj says:

    This is a fun question! I try to pass on my widsom to my younger sister, so I will share the same here.Life:Don’t get credit cards until you are out of college (and use them only for emergencies) because the weight and stress of the debt isn’t worth it.- I really didn’t follow this.School:Be as active as you can be. Join clubs, take projects seriously, get to know your professors, etc.- I learned this my last year and a half of undergrad.