How To Get A Guy To Notice You

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How To Get A Guy To Notice You

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Eyeing the guys of your dream for so long and don’t know what to do to get his attention? We all discreetly look for our potential halves and the search stops when we find one. Now, the only problem left is how to grab his attention. How to know what he thinks? What he likes or dislikes? How to make your place in his life and then tell him that you like him? We are not as lucky as Cinderella to have a God-fairy who can tell us what is our crush thinking? Moreover, we also don’t have the skill to forecast or predict about the chances that could draw him towards us. Yes, there is no such magic or superstition as in the comic lives. We are in a practical world and our actions should be real. So, let’s get out of the fairytales and check out some of the tips to make him notice you.

Know The Guy First of all get to know the guy. Without knowing him you can’t plan your strategy. So, collect some information about that guy from common friends, social networking sites, or from any other source. The first and foremost thing to know is his availability, that is, if the guy you are chasing is available or not. And when you are sure about his availability then look for his likes or dislikes on the selected places, but don’t hunt the guy everywhere.

Drop Hints Identify the places that he visits frequently and then try to pass or cross him at those places.  Pass a sweet smile while you are crossing, so that he can at least recognize you. This would leave him wondering on why that girl was smiling at me; and if you are fortunate enough then he might try to inquire about you from your common friends.

Dress Right How rude it may sound, but the truth is that no one likes to date if your attire is unacceptable. Visit your salon for a nice haircut or a facial to get that ‘exhausted look’ out of your face. Dress attractively so that he can notice you. Do apply make-up to hide blemishes or marks, but don’t overdo it. Too much make-up will make your guy poke fun at your back or run-away from you.

Play With Your Finest Feature Got dazzling eyes, mesmerizing mane, dimpled cheeks, or sizzling body? Flaunt it! Show your hair by doing new up-dos everyday or enhance your eyes by doing eye makeup. Wear clothes that showcase your body, but don’t make yourself look like, as if, you have just bought clothes from teenage section of store. And remember to smile.

Befriend Him Involve yourself in his social circle and get into the discussion. Discuss in a group for some days and then try to talk with him in solitude. Talk to him about his interests and things that he loathes. What are his preferences regarding girls— their dressing style, hair, attitude, etc; then try to cleverly inculcate them in your style and show off in front of him. Show off doesn’t mean making a peacock out of yourself but letting him know that yes, you are the girl that he has been searching for.

Humour Him Guys always appreciate girls with sense of humour. And who doesn’t want to spend time with someone who can make them laugh. So, make him burst into laughter every now and then. This way he will start loving your company and will yearn for it too.

Flirt After becoming buddies, try to flirt with him. Flirting will not only increase your chances, but will also let the guy know that you want progress and want to be more than friends. He will surely notice this flirting and understand the thoughts going on in your mind.

Twosome is Awesome Indulge in activities that involve two people only. This way you will get to spend sometime alone. Plan weekend together and go to a place that you both like. It is totally ok to go bonkers with the excitement of being with him, but don’t let that hinder your safety. Make sure that at least one person is aware of where you are going with this guy.

 Guys just need some signals and your work is done once they get it. The guy will himself come to you and open up. And for the ladies whose guys don’t want to progress then it is better to respect the beautiful friendship you have developed and go for another hunt.

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  1. Grom says:

    it would be too hard.This was satduray. That satduray he met this other girl. She had a boyfriend and they broke up on tuesday so she could hang out with my ex. His friends claim that he really likes her but they say they are moving veryyy fast. ( He is already asking her when she will have sex with him)So I don’t think these feelings he has for her are real. I think he is using her to replace me since im no longer there to fill his needs, he needs to find a girl that does.She is going to a college 4 hours away at the start of August, so even if they do date it can’t last too long. Anyways, thats not my concern. My concern is how do i get him back? I deleted him off facebook, and his number even though i have it memorized. I know i should wait and let this phase pass, but i still want him back. i miss him. And for the record if they do date i wouldn’t try to break them up.Any advice???Oh, and let me add- they are not in a relationship yet. One of his friends tell me they would be surprised if they even do get together. But thats only one of them.last thing sorry. I have a major past with him, he said I was his first real love, and we both lost our virginity to eachother.He was my first love too. I was the first girl he has ever cried over/ infront of.