How Do You Know You Love Someone

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how do you know you love someone

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Gone are the days when heart palpitations, loss of appetite and sleeplessness meant love. Today, they mean an alarming health complication which needs to be adhered to almost immediately. Now, you may ask, how do you know if you love someone? Well, there is no accurate answer to the question. You need to look for cues and rely on your mind and heart when you ask that question. Falling in love is like taking a drug. You might have the levels of dopamine and serotonin activated for a moment, but whether this would last long or is only temporary in nature can be adjudged only by you. For, all of us have our own experiences in love and each experience is as unique as the person falling in love. However, to help you sort out from your cluelessness about whether or not you love that someone, we have provided below some telltale signs. Read on and judge for yourself if you love him/her or not.


How Do You Know You Love Someone


Is That You? Almost all of us have a hidden aspect to our being, which clearly awaits Mr. /Ms. Right to explore. If that someone has successfully brought out in open your unseen and unknown facets, know for sure he/she holds an important place in your life. Remember, only a strong relationship can bring forth what lies concealed in us. Revealing an inner part of self does not mean changing for the person but shows respect and confidence in you about that someone that he/she would channelize it towards your betterment. So, if you look at the mirror and find a revamped you, know for sure it’s his/her influence on your life.


To Date Or Not To When you start giving little attention to people and are not excited by the idea of going around with anyone except him/her, you may be looking at the relationship seriously. And when that is it, cupid definitely would have struck you, for if it weren’t why would you not date others or even enjoy their company? Go through a self-assessment and check to see if you want to date others or in fact, even be in their company or not. Your answer would let you know your status!


Happiness - A Contingent Factor! When chocolates, flowers or a game in the field no longer gives you the same sense of satisfaction as the mere smile of that someone, know that there is something more to the relationship than being ‘just friends’. Love happens when you feel the joy and bliss of the happiness, exhilaration and ecstasy of the person, so much so that it makes you feel elated too. So, if your happiness these days depends on a beaming smile of someone, be assured that you love him/her.


PDAs - Your Genre! Have you ever mocked at or demeaned a couple holding hands in public or even hugging each other at a store or a mall? When all you did then was shun their public display of affection (PDA, by the way), why do you now long him/her to hold your hands while the two of you are waiting outside a cineplex or coffee shop? If you feel secured and comfortable while he/she wraps his/her hand on your shoulder or grips you tightly on a bike and you too feel to reciprocate the affection in some way or the other, it is likely that you have fallen for the person truly. For, had it been just any other relationship, you wouldn’t have been comfortable with PDA.


Money Matters - Wise or Unwise Believe it or not, your yearly financial account statement can reflect a lot about your emotional state of heart. Wondering how? Well, one thing is for certain, when cupid strikes, even the most frugal of beings turns a total spendthrift and vice versa. So, check on your greens carefully the next time you get your yearly financial bank account details. Who knows, they might show you where you are headed!


When Two Is Company! Do you like spending time with him/her? Does a call for a coffee or a movie make you jump off your seat or bed almost instantly? Do you enjoy with him/her being around? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then chances are you might have reserved that soft corner of your heart for the person. While these signs are there in case of infatuation and crush as well, unlike in love, they do not last long and fade off after a while. So, even if doing nothing makes you long for his/her company, know that you are in love!


Hijacked Mind! Does this ring a bell in your brain? No? Doesn’t matter, for you are in the realm of love and it is completely normal, so chill. Though the word ‘hijack’ causes alarming and tense situation, in this case we are referring to the complete takeover of the mind by something or someone to be exact. If, by any chance, you just can’t seem to get that someone out of your mind and if he/she continues to bother your neurons, letting you waiver your attention and concentration on everything you lay your hands and eyes on, know for sure that love is in the air!

Upsetting and Pleasing - A Vicious Cycle If you are caught up in the vicious cycle of upsetting someone and then pleasing him/her and then upsetting him/her again, pause and think – why in the first place are you bothered with him/her being upset? And, why are you taking efforts to please him/her? If the smallest things you do upsets your that someone, and you spend more than normal time pleasing him/her with gooey acts of love and affection, you may be in love. For, it is only when a person is in love that he/she takes efforts to keep the partner pleased and delighted.

Final: Get close, notice the real you and the cues would tell you if you’re in love with him/her. And once you have decided for yourself, do let him/her know!

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